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The Dangers of Cooking in your Tent

Cooking in the tent.  We know we shouldn’t.  We know it’s unwise and unsafe.  An accident waiting to happen.  But …

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Best way to rewaterproof your outdoor gear

So you have had your waterproofing equipment for a while, whether that’s a jacket, tent or anything else you use …

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Czech Republic

Visiting the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe and is landlocked. To the north west and west is Germany and Poland to the …

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New Zealand

Sky Lounge Rotorua

The Sky Lounge in Rotorua featured in our top places to visit, it is a truly remarkable way to see the city and …

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Australia isn’t a real country

A Facebook post has been shared over 22,000 times claims that Australia isn’t a real country. Flloyd writes that Australia …

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An Hull of a Place to Visit

It’s fair to say the good people at Rough Guide caused a bit of a stir when they declared Hull …

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