Our mission is simple! We want to help you explore the world and expose you to new cultures, beliefs and experiences.

The planet or “rock” that we live in is one amazing place to explore.

With a wide range of environments and sights to see, we want to make it easier for you to experience them.

I also firmly believe that the more you travel and understand different cultures the less you are frightened of them.

It may sound like a grand plan, a wild unrealistic ideology, an idea from the sky – but I truly believe one way to reduce if not completely remove terrorism and hatred in this world is to get to know people from these beliefs and countries.

The ability to explore our Little Rock that we call earth has never been so simple or so cheap. 

I also believe as humans we have a responsibility to help protect our environment. 

There we here at Exploring This Rock are making a pledge to become a carbon neutral company, if not carbon negative.

We have to travel as a business – after all we are a travel site, but every March we will calculate how much carbon we have used and plant trees to at least off set this carbon use.

This is just one step we will be taking to make our company more environmentally friendly.

As well as becoming carbon neutral I plan on making some key changes to the way we operate to also reduce our impact and some of these we will be sharing with you to offer ways for you to travel more eco friendly.

I hope you enjoy using our site and find it useful for planning your trips, helping you buy the right gear and hopefully encourage you to try new places.

Let explore our wonderful planet and travel like a local.