Winter Hiking

By October 5, 2018

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Getting out onto the hills at this time of the year allows you to experience some amazing views and scenery, completely different from the summer. With the sun lower in the sky, the scenery looks different and you can actually see further from the top of mountains/hills.

With most of the ‘warm weather’ hikers (and we’re not trying to insult anyone, we understand why the vast majority of people only hike during the summer months), it means the hills are quiet and you can go for a full day walking and not meet another person.

If you are thinking about going out hiking this winter there are just a few things we want you to think about:


The weather:


This is Britain and it rains a lot, so please be prepared, have a spare set of dry clothing, waterproof jackets and trousers.


If snow is predicted for the area you are going walking, please make sure your boots are suitable for snow and if heavy snow is forecasted please considering purchasing Crampons

Food / Drink:

With the cold weather your body will be using more energy to keep warm so please bear this in mind when you are thinking about what to eat. If like us you use a platypus (other brands are available), we use an insulated tube to stop the water freezing in the exposed tube (this is also useful in the summer for keeping the water cool).

If you are going out please, let somebody know where you are going when you expect to be back and the route you plan to take, while we recommend this for any hiking trip, it’s even more essential than during the summer months.

Warm clothing:

It is much better to warm a lot of thin layers of clothing that one thick jumper/jacket.

The Science behind it (the boring bit), the air traps between the thin layers and your body heat warms up these thin layers as like a warm blanket protecting you from the cold.

The main reason why, if you get hot and sweaty whilst out hiking, it’s much better to take off a thin layer, then your only jumper, you would suddenly go cold.

If you have never done any winter walking before and your thinking of going up some of the higher mountains, area’s where there is severe weather forecasted, please consider getting professional advice, there are a number of companies all over Britain who run specific training courses to get you prepared.

We don’t want to stop you going outdoors this winter and exploring the hills, it’s actually the complete opposite, what we do want you to do is to do it safely.

Why not check out our guides and useful information to hiking.

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