Who’s looking after the dog?

By January 6, 2017

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So you’re all set.  You’ve got a tank full of petrol and the sun is shining.  The tent is in the boot, the kids are safely installed in the car and already bored to tears, and you are pretty sure you remembered to pack the waterproofs.  You have cancelled the papers, turned off the lights, and you have enough food to get you through six months on a desert island.  You haven’t forgotten anything.  Except…..your loyal four-legged companions.  Oh no.  Who’s looking after the dog?

It sounds far fetched

Unfortunately, it isn’t.  A survey of 1400 UK dog owners by DogBuddy, a community of over 21000 experienced dog sitters, revealed 2% of respondents only booked a sitter for their pet on the day of their departure for a holiday.  Talk about last minute!

Thankfully a far more sensible 47% booked their canine chums accommodation at the same time as they booked their own holiday.  Though that figure still isn’t that great considering that we take on average three holidays a year.  Making sure the dog is taken care off should be second nature to us all by now.

Sometimes you just have to say goodbye

Of course, many of us will take our dogs with us when we go on holiday.  Certainly, if you are going camping finding dog-friendly campsites are fairly easy.  But sometimes we just can’t take Rover with us and the poor guy has to be left behind.

Fortunately, though there are plenty of registered dog sitters and kennels where Rover can enjoy a well-earned bit of R&R.  He can recharge his batteries while you are recharging yours.  Everyone’s a winner.

The things we do for our pets

Just because we are separated from our dogs doesn’t mean we forget about them.  Au contraire.  The survey by DogBuddy revealed the extraordinary lengths owners go to, too ensure their pooches are safe and well.  53% of dog owners require their pet sitters to send them photos every day while a slightly crazy 8% demand a daily Skype call with their canine companions.

It all comes with a cost

When we plan a holiday, whether it’s staying in a luxury hotel or enjoying a camping trip into the wilderness, it is ingrained into us to find the best value we can; the cheapest flights, the biggest discounted rooms, the most affordable exchange rate.

But, when it comes to our pets, all that frugalness goes right out of the window with most dog owners quite happy to spend an extra £30 a day on pet care.  It is also quite telling that 35% of owners will not even consider the cheap option of palming their dog off to relatives or friends.  They would much rather spend more on professional and reliable pet sitters.

Which is only right and proper.  Don’t forget.  You might well need a holiday but your dog does too.  Just don’t leave it until the last minute to book him a sitter.

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