Please don’t travel

Please dont travel

Hi Everyone,

I have been camping and travelling for over 25 years and been running this site for over 5 years and I never thought I would have to write the following words.

PLEASE. Don’t go travel.

Stay indoors and stay safe.

Don’t get me wrong, I love travelling and exploring our wonderful planet and as a Facebook post I published recently said I have three camping trips booked and planned for this year as well as a couple of oversea adventures planned.

And, I was still going.

Well, having taken the latest UK Government advice on board I can categorically state that I won’t be going.

This will not change until the government advice changes. It saddens me to think of my trips not going ahead, not just for me, but also for the fact that I know this pandemic will affect the campsites, the hotels, the local businesses while relies upon tourism.

Hotels, campsites, any accommodation do rely upon the money each season and I really do hope they can all survive and open again when this has passed and it will pass.

For the three sites I have booked; two I have paid in full and one I’ve paid the deposit.

I will not be asking for a refund from the two I have paid in full. If they automatically do it, that’s fine.

Maybe some of them will offer me a discount on next year’s booking instead of a refund – that is fine too, but at the end of the day I am more interested in them surviving so I can visit next year and the years after.

My advice – and my plea to you – is please listen to the government advice and stay at home. If you are not from the UK, then listen to your local governments advice, but the majority is the same. Do not travel.

If the travel isn’t essential you shouldn’t do it.

Going on holiday isn’t essential.

Camping  isn’t essential.

One of my trips was to North Wales, a rural area. It’s why we chose to go there, but the area’s population is the most at risk, so I don’t want to bring the disease to them.

You might think you are fit and healthy, but you could still be carrying the disease and infecting others.

This could put even more strain on the local health services.

For now, just stay at home. The sooner we all do so, the sooner we can get it under control.

Then we can all get back to do what we love – travelling.

Stay safe and keep listening to the advice of the government and the experts. For yourself, for your loved ones, and for everyone else.




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