2020 Challenge

With 2020 here, we thought it would be cool to set some challenges to get more people to explore more of our wonderful planet.

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These are not meant to be easy, but encourage you to see more of the our wonderful planet we live on.

The Challenges

Challenge one: Visit 20 different countries
Challenge two: Visit 20 different cities / towns
Challenge three: Take 20 photo’s of a new city / town / place
Challenge four: Coast Camping, try camping on a beach
Challenge five: Climb 20 different mountains / hills
Dubrovnik Old Town
Challenge six: Random road trip. Simply set off in car and see where you end up and explore that area (set yourself a challenge – 1 hour driving etc)
Challenge seven: See how far you can get for 20.20 (insert local currency) – be creative
Challenge eight: Walk – when visiting a new city, you cant get a taxi or drive. Try and walk everywhere or use public transport – you will see much more of the city
Challenge nine: Ask a random person for a restaurant to try and visit there. (Risk you might have an awful meal but the chances are you will find a great new restaurant) – this can even be done in your home town / city
Challenge ten: Travel at least 500 miles without using a plane
World map countries
Challenge eleven: Visit every country starting with a certain Letter (you can decide the letter)
Challenge twelve: Turn up at airport with hand luggage and passport and jump on the first flight out.
Challenge thirteen: When landing at the airport of challenge 12 jump straight onto the next flight out of there.
Challenge fourteen: Think of a place that you would never ever go, I mean really never ever go and go there
Challenge Fifteen: that one city / country that you have been too before and disliked / hated and said you would never return. Go back and see how much it has changed.
Challenge Sixteen: Go and see a sports game live that you have never seen before
Challenge Seventeen: Surprise trip – book a complete surprise trip for a friend / loved one. Just tell the dates, rough location (so they pack the right clothes) and and where to meet you
Challenge Eighteen: Try a new experience / activity – something you have always wanted to do but always put off
Challenge Nineteen: Click on this link to a random city and go there (https://www.randomlists.com/random-world-cities)
Challenge Twenty: Stay in a Hostel for at least two nights
Challenge Twenty one: Wild camp on top of a mountain 

If you can think of any other challenges let us know and we will add them.

Let us know when you have completed them in our Facebook group.