Top Ten Things to do in Mombasa

By February 4, 2018

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So you have just read our local’s guide to Mombasa and thinking this is the place to visit, well we don’t blame you, so let’s tempt you with some of the best things to do.

Mombasa, a city in Kenya is a place that conjures with the spirit of adventure. For the very first visitors, the view of diverse things is forever dazzling. Wildlife, beaches, culture and the Indian Ocean view are stunning.

An exotic delight in the African tropics is what comes to mind when you think of the city. The international tourist hub is filled with lots of activities and boasts astonishing sites. It is the main reason that hundreds of visitors grace its shores each month.

Do you know what many tourists enjoy? Tales to tell their friends and fantastic views. The bustling city is always a gateway to one of the world’s most exciting and evocative destinations.   Here are the top things you can do and see.

Explore Mombasa Old Town

Old Mombasa

Known for its rich historical Arabic influence, architecture and art designs that take your mind way back in time. The old town has a variety of shops to choose from, and you can purchase unique antiques at affordable prices.

There are also unique ornaments, fruits, fabrics, and vegetables at affordable prices. A simple walk down the town will leave your children smiling. The therapeutic view itself will let your kids with the urge to play along with the narrow streets.


Go to Nguuni Nature Sanctuary Adventures

An excellent place for having a drink as you light a campfire. The topography offers you to watch the sunset and be tucked away into the bush. This site is just a short drive from the city centre.

Nguuni has giraffes, ostriches, different species of birds and waterbucks. You can book a fixed table, bring your food and drinks as the facility provides fire. The grill of sitting down to enjoy the nature as you watch the sunset is what drives many visitors to the sanctuary.

Head to Go-Kart

The city is home to beautiful beaches; the place also has a unique Go-Kart with African appeal in it. Positioned along Malindi road just a few miles from Haller park, it is state of the art timing system. You will drive under palm trees with camels, donkeys, and turtles off the way.

You can still forego for the off-road track, with this you can hire and drive beach buggies along the coastal shores. There is also an excavator park inside for your kids to explore the area. This place is idle for all ages with family-friendly activities.

Photograph the Mombasa Tusk and take a Stroll in the Neighboring Park

Symbolic Tusks in city center on November 22, 2007 in Mombasa, Kenya. The tusks were built to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth to the town in 1952 2

Positioned along Moi Avenue, you can capture photos while grappling the famous tusks. The tusks from an M-shaped to symbolize entrance.

With just a few photos to take then what next? Well opposite the tusks is a park where you can take a while munching on some baobab seeds.

Spend an Afternoon at Mama Ngina Drive

Want to enjoy the perfect breeze from the Indian Ocean, get a glimpse of ships coming and leaving?  Mama Ngina is the place. The scenic drive at the southern part of island lets you capture amazing sunrises. There are a variety of restaurants to choose from with cassava chips as you absorb the breathtaking a view.

Try Swahili Dishes at Blue Room Restaurant 

With so many places to choose from, having a Swahili dish in Mombasa is affordable at Blue Room. It has restaurants like Barka and mouthwatering chicken, biryani, and pilau.

The cafe is located in the Central Business District. This location offers added advantages like accessibility and traceability. If you leave without tasting a Swahili dish, then your trip is not complete.

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Go for a Boat Ride at Tudor Water-Sport and Restaurant   

Are you a fun of boat riding? Here is the place for you. The restaurant has a ravishing view of the ocean, tucked away in Tudor and speedboat riding. While doing the travel, there is a sightseeing feature as you pass by the waters.

The prices are affordable to all and their different dishes to eat as you enjoy the sea. There is also some few snacks and drinks from the restaurant while you cruise the evening away.

North Coast Beaches

Footprints in the sand couple of friends on a white sand in Mombasa, Kenya.

The coastline North of Mombasa is a little sparkling than the southern. The beaches are close to the airport and Mombasa city. Palm beaches, crystal clear waters, a profusion of water sport and entertainment venues provide lots of action.

The marine park borders the coast here with multi-hued corals, drop-offs, and Kenya most astonishing wreck diving. Travelling north, you first meet Nyali beach, where there are lots of shops and hotels.

Bamburi beach and Shanzu beaches are also located within this area. The two destinations have a wide range of accommodation from the luxury resorts to bungalows.

Southern Coast Beaches

What differentiates north from south? Well, it’s the coastline view. The southern one is a world of natural beauty. Turquoise seas lap the sun-bleached beaches where you get to sprawl under palms.

Rainforest which consists of wildlife and birds edge this idyllic stretch of south part. The coral reefs protect the swimming areas from offshore swells. The shelly beach just after likoni ferry is a perfect place for sunbathers and snorkelers. Diani beach is the most developed area along this stretch but still offers beautiful beachscapes. There are numerous watersports here such as sailing, windsurfing, snorkelling, and water-skiing.

Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre

Bombululu is a project of the association for the physically disabled in Kenya. The centre has for sheltered workshops, cultural centre and restaurant. At the cultural centre, you get to enjoy and witness tribal dance performances and explore traditional homesteads.

The above homesteads comprise of all tribes in the country. You can visit the workshops and purchase the handcrafted souvenirs such as jewellery, wood carvings, leather craft, and textiles. The income helps sustain the centre operations and existence. After a long fantastic tour, you can sit at the restaurant and enjoy Kenyan made dishes.


You will not have enough time to spend in Mombasa, and there are many places to visit. The above areas are the best for the few days you will be around. You might feel overwhelmed with all of your choices. Make the trip to this fantastic city a memorable one since life is a breeze here. Capture the entire sunset and sunrise because the scene is perfect to rekindle your moments.

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