Top Ten Hotels in Buenos Aires

By October 7, 2018

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Ok, so you have read our article on the must do experience in Buenos Aires and you are now determined this is the city you next want to explore. If you haven’t found your flights, then check the latest times and prices here for the best deal.

Where to stay is your next item to check off and being the capital of Argentina as you can image there is a great range of hotels to pick from.

We have covered the best hotels in each star range, but just because it’s in the 4 or 5-star range if the hotel meets your needs I would seriously recommend you just check out the prices, we found some amazing deals, depending on when you are visiting. 

Five-star hotel

The five-star hotels in the city aren’t as expensive as some of the hotels in capital cities around the world, but while a great deal can be found, they still have all the facilities you would expect in a 5-star hotel.

Alvear Palace Hotel

Alvear Palace Hotel

The five-star accommodation is located in a prime historical location in Buenos Aires, conveniently in the Roceleta up class neighborhood, and near the Roceleta cemetery, and other local attractions such as the Colon theatre.

The five star hotel features top notch amenities. It has a state of art fitness center, a spa and wellness center, an indoor heated pool and a pub. The hotel also has an international standard conference facility as well as business center.

Guests coming to the hotel are treated to an exceptional and friendly reception. In addition, the five star hotels serve transnational cuisines, and a buffet breakfast. The pub serves its guests a wide range of wines, cocktails, and from time to time some tango band is displayed.

Each of the hotel rooms is well equipped with modern entertainment equipment’s, loungers and comfy beds. The various suites available are also equipped with hot bathtubs, free wife and cable tv.

Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires

Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires

The hotel is located conveniently in the Roceleta Neighborhood and near the Buenos Aires CBD, and other local attractions such as the colon theatre and the obelisk, as well as the Roceleta cemetery.

The hotel features exemplary amenities in addition to its prime location. It is still the only hotel with an outdoor pool located in the center of Buenos Aires, has a garden, and a superb pub and restaurant. Other amenities include an excellent spa and wellness center, fitness center, private parking space.

Guests coming to the hotel are treated to fancy Argentinian gourmet dishes and fancy wines, prepared by international connoisseurs. In the afternoon guests can relax at the outdoor pool, before hitting the gym for a tango inspired massage.

The hotel rooms are exceptional featuring state of art entertainment equipment, and tropical bath tubs, hot and cold as well as comfy beds. Various suites are available. The hotel is located a few minutes’ drive from the Ezeiza airport and has a shuttle arrangement.

Palacio Duhau

Palacio Duhau - Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

Standing out uniquely due to beautiful décor, and exemplary architecture, this hotel is a leading five-star hotel. The hotel is located conveniently at 1661 Alvear Avenue, in the city Buenos Aires C1014AAD, Argentina.

The two-star facility has several amenities. They include a pool, a fitness center, and a spa and wellness center. They also provide laundry and cleaning services. The business section of the hotel is well equipped with international conference facilities a business center and free Wi-Fi.

Guests coming to the hotel are welcomed by friendly multilingual attendants. They are served with a free breakfast in the morning, and the hotel restaurant is commended for serving fancy foods and in the pub guests can enjoy fancy wines prepared by excellent mixologists.

The rooms are air conditioned, and have hot tub. The rooms also have very comfy beds and some rooms have loungers for relaxation. Room service is also provided and the hotel location is well rated.

Four star hotels

Legado Mitico

Legado Mitico

The hotel is located in a convenient location in Palermo, Buenos Aires, near Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport. Palermo is an aesthetic town in the city featuring fine arts, beautiful buildings with nice detail and façade.

The hotel features excellent amenities. Its free Wi-Fi is rated one of the best in the neighborhood by guests. Other amenities include an airport shuttle service and facility for the disabled.

Guests coming to the hotel are treated to a friendly night life atmosphere and a room service by friendly and welcoming attendant. Its front office operates on a 24 hour basis. Guests can participate in cycling tours as the hotels offers bike rental service.

The hotel is well suited for couples as it has excellent two-person stay rooms. There are also nonsmoking rooms. The room’s bathrooms are private and fitted with bath tubs, both hot and cold.

Fierro Hotel Buenos Aires

Fierro Hotel Buenos Aires

The top rated hotel is located conveniently in Palermo, Soler 5862, one of the favorite locations in Buenos Aires for a night life.

The hotel has top notch amenities. It provides bike rentals, has an airport shuttle, and free Wi-Fi.

Guests coming to the hotel are served by friendly and helpful attendant. Its front desk is operational on a 24 hours basis. Guests can enjoy a cup of coffee at the hotel restaurant, or enjoy the thrill and delicacy of gourmet foods.

Each of the hotel rooms has exceptional and comfortable bedding. Some of the rooms have a private bathroom. Other rooms have outdoor bathrooms, and washrooms. The rooms also have flat Tv and some units have relaxing loungers. These are perfect for a one night stay. The rooms are also excellent for a couple stay.

Three stars



The facility is located conveniently in Calle San Martin 474, Buenos Aires in Argentina. The hotel is near several local attractions, pubs and restaurant.

The nonsmoking hotels features top notch amenities. The hotel has a free wifi, a state of art conference facility and business center, and a garden relaxation park.

Guests coming to the hotel are served by a friendly and welcoming staff, which also are very diligent as exemplified by its level of neatness and excellent service. The hotel serves intercontinental cuisines and breakfast, as well as a buffet.

The rooms are very spacious and the beds are very comfy. Some of the rooms have loungers for relaxation and a flat TV, with several channels.

Rendez Vous Hotel Buenos Aires

Rendez Vous Hotel Buenos Aires

The three star hotel is located conveniently in Calle Bonpland 1484, in Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires. Palermo is a favorite location for nightlife party lovers as it features fancy pubs and restaurants.

The hotel provides airport shuttle services, and free Wi-Fi. It also has an excellent business center and conference facility. It provides free breakfast, and their room has a hot tub. Other amenities include laundry services, concierge services, and dry cleaning services.

The rooms are also spacious and air conditioned. They are also very clean. The hotel is located near shopping malls for convenient shopping.

Two star hotels

Mio Buenos Aires

Mio Buenos Aires

The two-star hotel is located conveniently at Avenida Pte Manuel Quintana 465, in the city of Buenos Aires C1129ABA, in Argentina. The hotel has top- notch amenities. It has a pool, free WIFI, a fitness center, a spa and state of the art business center and conference facility.

Guests coming to the hotel are served by friendly multilingual staffs, who are trained to provide amongst others, housekeeping and concierge service. Room services is provided, and the rooms are spacious and have a tub for perfect relaxation.

There are also nonsmoking rooms and suites as well.

One star hotel

Sometimes hostels are the best option, they are cheaper than normal hotels, are usually in great location and you its a great way to meet and interact with other travellers.

Some of my best memories of travelling have been in hostels sharing stories and making new friends.

Yes you don’t get the facilities of a hotel, but the location can easily make up for that. 

The Recoleta Hostel

The Recoleta Hostel

The hotel is located in the prestigious and up market Roceleta neighborhood, conveniently at Libertad 1216 Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, near the Brazillian Embassy and several attractions such as the obelisk and the Roceleta cemetery.

The hotel has a free WIFI, and offers concierge and dry cleaning services. The nonsmoking hotel offers other amenities such as laundry services. Breakfast is inclusive and thus free.

It also helps in tour/ ticket assistance, and is a convenient sleeping and eating joint for budget travellers. Each of the spacious rooms, double or single, have a tropical shower. Entertainment equipment like TV is available in common areas. Room services include an optional hair dryer, on request.

Buda Hostel

The hostel is conveniently located at Bartolomé mitre, 3950 in Buenos Aires. This area is well renowned as Buenos Aires entertainment district. The hostel is located near several attractions such as the Teatro colon, Plaza De mayo, and the Casa Rosada.

The hotel top amenity is free WIFI and very spacious rooms. The rooms are accessible by wheelchair. In addition, a continental breakfast is provided in the morning. Each and every room has access to a bathroom.

The hostel location makes it ideal for economy travellers wishing to spend some nights in Buenos Aires upmarket neighborhood.

As you can see we were able to find some amazing hotels all across the city that covers every need and budget. Now your accommodation is sorted, why not check out the top free things to do in the city

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