Top iPhone Apps for Traveling

By October 8, 2018

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The world could be your delight with slight guidance from the leading navigation apps around. Why would you need travel assistance when you have a Smartphone? Not just a Smartphone but an iPhone! Planning trips can be a hassle, but not anymore.

From the Apple store, we are happy to bring to your attention the best travel apps to keep your agony at bay. For every step of your trip, there are some Top iPhone Apps for traveling that the tech-savvy have proposed for you.


Right after you receive your booking emails, forward them to TripIt. This app is a utility that analyses the data on the booking email and channels it into a neat outline. TripIt can indicate the next activity you have to do or the next location you have to be.

App in the Air

All you need to do is to import your flight outline into the app. This app is quite remarkable while at the airport. App in the Air keeps you in check when you are scheduled to get to check-in and when you are about to board. This app is entirely free, although you can opt to pay for the premium option.

Gopili-cheap Tickets

From the name of the app, it is crystal clear that in addition to booking tickets you get the most standard price. The catchy bit is that it compares coaches, flights, and trains athwart Europe.

City mapper

This creation is an expedition app that aids you get in the vicinity of the world’s largest cities, whether you are after a taxi, want to pedal or need to use public transportation.


Among all other Top iPhone Apps for traveling, Uber is arguably the most common. You must have heard of Uber if not hitched a ride in it. Dubbed as a ride sharing app, it connects commuters with motorists. You can privately hire a driver at a reasonable price with just one pop.


You need to create an account then enter all the necessary details.  After this step, customers can place their order and are then able to monitor the progress of the order. Within a fleeting moment, customers receive the feedback to their order. Kayak has a few additional features; find a hotel and find a car rental. It is an all in one app which you can deem very helpful when struck at night with nowhere to go after a late nights’ plane trip.


If you are one person who loves to stand out from the rest, then this is the app for you. Yelp displays legitimate destinations. Not many tourists have been to this sites. Wherever you go, you most certainly need a drink and a snack to bite. Yelp is sure to give you the restaurants and bars that are nearby.


As you travel across continents, you may not only require to be English proficient but French efficient as well! Not forgetting many other languages in all parts of the world like Germany and Chinese. With over 29 languages Duolingo is your language learning app.

As you can see, these are some of the great apps available on your iPhone to make travelling easier.

New apps come out all the time and we plan on keeping this app up to date with some of the best apps for the iPhone.

If there is any apps you think we should review, please drop us an email or get in touch with us.

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