Top Five Free Things to do in Lima

By October 6, 2018

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Ok, so you have read our Eleven must-do experiences in Lima and you are super excited to try the paragliding ( we don’t blame you) and found where to stay, after all, we have covered every type of budget.

But you have realised that you need some free activities to help fill the time while you in the city.

It’s not like we have endless amounts of cash and plus some of these free things to do are worth paying for.

Visiting the Plaza Mayor

Panoramic view of Lima main square and cathedral church

The public square tops one of the places guests can visit while at Lima. It is one of the oldest public squares and definitely the coolest point to relax at.

The park dates back to medieval ages. During that era, it featured several recreation activities such as bull rings, a market as well as a gallows.

The main attractions today in and around the square are a record high bronze fountain, the pirazzo house as well as cathedrals and monastery. The Pirrazzo house, otherwise the presidential palace, adds up to the appeal as guests are treated to the daily afternoon change of guards. The architecture around the park is also well detailed and has a beautiful façade. The cathedral features very beautiful blend of ancient architecture and admission is free. Guests to the cathedral experience the beautiful sight of the golden alter.

There is also an opportunity for a prolific photo sessions featuring the beautiful bronze fountain inside the Plaza Mayor. In addition, guests can buy some souvenirs from locals at the park.

The plaza is cool enough for a beautiful afternoon relaxation, reading books all watching people. From time to time there are several bands and cultural events that are hosted here by locals.

There are also plenty of fancy restaurants around the park where guests can replenish themselves.

Beach activities along the Malecon

LIMA, PERU: Aerial view of Miraflores town, cliff and the Costa Verde high way.

Lima has an expansive pacific front ranging into four districts which include the world renowned beach front of Mira Flores. Conjoined, the Pacific front is called the Malecón. It features several parks, and streets.

There are plenty of free things to do along the beach, as there are also public beaches around. Perhaps one of the most fantastic is breezing under the cool wind from the pacific. This is besides several other beach recreation activities. The shore line is especially fantastic in the afternoon. More al so, there are several Para gliders to watch from the cliff of Costa Verdes.

There are a number of attractions as well around the Malecon. This is where guests will find the renowned Kiss statue, featuring a man and woman in embrace. Other statues to see there include the Paddington bear.

The Mira Flores features fancy pubs and restaurants as well from which guests can replenish from. The district is practically synthetic as it features both western and Peruvian culture and therefore guests here are likely to get custom made dishes as well.

In addition, guests can take opportunity of parks around the Mira Flores. In addition, there are plenty of convenient stores and a down town market where guests can window-shop besides buying.

Visit the Barranco

BARRANCO, LIMA, PERU- The old town of Barranco, in Lima, Peru.

For romantic vacationers, wondering the Barranco will come at hand. It features bright and colorful artworks in its buildings, several with a romantic connotation. The Barranco is conveniently located south of the Mila Flores.

It was a onetime preferential relaxation point for wealthy residents of Lima before being inhabited by a class of artistes and musicians in the early 20th century.

The most fantastic thing to do is to cross the long bridge, and for romantic vacationers it is a long held apothegm that whoever crosses the long bridge without holding their breath gets their wishes granted.

Lovers can also walk down the beautiful cobblestoned path which ends up at the sea. This provides an opportunity for plenty of people sightseeing as well as beach activities at the sea front.

In addition, there are plenty of sea activities as well as cycling opportunities that guests can join locals in participating. The local population cycles especially during the morning hours. Guests can freely join them for additional recreation activity.

The cycling provides a stunning sightseeing opportunity.

Visit the El Olivar

Olive Grove Park (or El Olivar Forest) in San Isidro district - Lima, Peru

The beautiful olive park is a treasured national monument. The park spans over 57,000 acres, expansive enough to provide an opportunity for relaxation and replenishment. The park planted by the Spanish as early as the 16th century still features as many as 3000 trees as old as its inception. This has turned the park into a relaxation wonder.

The park is a living reminder of why sustainable environment practices are still the way to go. Green lovers will be amazed by the natural purity of the park amidst Lima concrete jungle.

Besides there a number of attractions inside the park which was constructed in the colonial era. These attractions offer an opportunity to delve into the expansive history of Lima, and Peru, a city that hosts over eleven million documented citizens.

There is a green oasis as well as a municipal house, a library, an art gallery, and a lagoon in and around the park.

There are plenty of birds in the park, some exotic and other very unique and rare. The bird watching experience is certainly one of the most appealing.

The park is beautiful to visit during harvesting time as neighboring farms are busy at that time harvesting their olives.

Visit the magic water fountain

A fountain of the Magic water circuit, at the Park of the Reserve (Parque de la Reserva in spanish, the world's biggest fountain complex), located in Lima, Peru

The park was originally very dusty, now, thanks to the municipal council of Lima, it has now been turned into a dazzling park. The municipal lately added the magic water circuit. Originally the park was built to commemorate the reservists who fought in the Lima pacific war.

The magic water fountain holds the Guinness record for the world highest fountain. It features thirteen distinct fountains. There is plenty of waterworks to see there.

The fountain is colorful at night as it is illuminated with different lights. It is a must see opportunity for all travellers to Lima. In addition, the lights are synchronized with Peruvian music. The water also flows in different patterns, shapes and patterns.

Entrance is free in the morning hours, but in the afternoon, a few dollars are nothing compared to the magical thirty minutes shows in the evening hours. Guests can, however, relax here in the morning as they prepare for a busy itinerary ahead, touring the expansive historical Lima, and its several architectural wonders and beautiful beaches at Mira Flores.

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