Top 11 Cities Around the World to Propose In

By January 18, 2018

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Marriage proposal at sunset beach

Are you thinking of popping the question to your loved one?

If so, good luck and congratulations. But now to the more important issue at hand, have you chosen the right engagement ring, and where you’re going to propose? Didn’t you think you were going to propose on the side of the street walk where you? Worse still, were you going to surprise your partner with a flash mob proposal? Seriously don’t do that – unless you want to be embarrassed. Here, we’ve put together a list of the best cities to propose in and how to do in style. You’re welcome.

Traditional Romantic Proposal Destinations

Going the traditional route means doing things with class, sophistication, and style. If you make the effort to go all the way to these places, you might as well do it right and keep it classy.



It goes without saying that Paris is the number one destination if you want to go the classic romantic route. It’s the City of Love after all. Think of it, what could possibly be more romantic than wining and dining the love of your life in an elegant and bourgeois French restaurant; make that a three-star Michelin restaurant over a candlelit dinner with soft stringed music playing in the background.

At the perfect moment, you’ll get down on one knee as a bouquet of roses and dessert arrive at the table. Proposals should be private that’s why we didn’t suggest doing it at the Eiffel Tower; you could do it there if you want the cliched photo ops. This is the city I personally proposed in.

I took the now wife for a 5-day break, and on the fourth the day after our 3 year anniversary I took her on a horse-drawn cart around the city and finally up the Effiel Tower for a meal and asked the all-important question. I had emailed in advance and told them my plans and asked if I could have a nice table. They didn’t let me down – they gave me the best seat in the restaurant overlooking the river and city.

When the waitress was clearing our plates from the starter I asked if she could come back and take a picture of me and “my girlfriend” as she started taking the picture I got down on one knee and asked the question – I have the moment captured on camera.


Panoramic view of famous Canal Grande in Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy is another popular proposal destination. If you manage to pull off this proposal without tipping the gondola we’ll applaud you! No seriously, it’s going to take a lot of careful manoeuvring without giving away what you’re about to do. However, you’ll have one of the most memorable proposals. And dig this, how many women can boast of having been proposed to on a gondola in Italy? This is genius!


Philadelphia skyline at night with urban architecture

Well, this one shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise. Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love, and also of hopeless romantics as evidenced by the numerous love edifices strewn across the city centre. If you want a classic proposal then head on over to Love Park, but if you want a more private moment, be sure to make a dinner reservation at a really nice restaurant and go all out when making your proposal.

The city is the 6th largest in the United States and is full of history, once you have asked the question don’t forget to go and see what the city has to offer.

The Most Expensive Proposal Destinations

If you really want to stand out with your proposal there are only a handful of places that beat the following.


Monaco Ville Harbour sunrise panorama city skyline, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Firstly, to get to this tiny nation costs an arm and a leg already! Monaco is the playground of the super-rich so forget trying to find budget backpacker accommodation here. Everything about proposing in Monaco requires money. If you have any thoughts on buying a ring in Monaco you should forget about it right about now. We suggest bringing your own engagement ring unless you have very (emphasis on very) deep pockets. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Principal street of Lauterbrunnen with shops, hotels, terraces, swiss flags and stunning Staubbach waterfall in background, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland, Europe

That’s an actual place in Switzerland in case you were wondering. There’s plenty to do in Switzerland, like skiing on the Alps, wine tasting excursions and sampling chocolate lots and lots of quality chocolate. Lauterbrunnen also has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world the perfect stage for your proposal. Prepare a picnic basket by yourself, put in the effort, buy some flowers, and choose a quiet area to enjoy your outing. Take a stroll and at your predetermined spot, get down on one knee and pop the question.

The perfect stage for your proposal. Prepare a picnic basket by yourself, put in the effort, buy some flowers, and choose a quiet area to enjoy your outing. Take a stroll and at your predetermined spot, get down on one knee and pop the question.


DUBAI, UAE - FEBRUARY 08, 2014: Skyline view of Dubai showing the iconics Burj al Arab and Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Burj al Arab is the first seven star hotel in the world.

Do you want to show your partner how high your love is something symbolic? Then book a round-trip flight to Dubai. Make your proposal memorable by going doing it atop the world’s tallest building, the iconic Burj Khalifa. It’ll also cost you a pretty penny to get to the highest floors of the building to make your proposal. If you’ve got the money, you’ll find a way to make your proposal at this majestic structure.

Unusual Proposal Destinations

Where You Had Your First Date (Insert the City You Two Had Your First Date)

Do you remember the place your first met? What about the city you had your first date in? A lot of people enjoy bringing it full circle and proposing in the same place where they had their first date. This shows that you’re attentive to detail and you remember why you fell in love with them in the first place. It’s up to you how you want to go about this one. Perhaps you did something special on your first date that you want to recreate in your proposal. Whatever you do, be sure to be sincere and make it heartfelt.

Phnom Penh

Royal Palace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Well, this one certainly takes the cup for being unusual. We’re talking about proposing while you’re on top of an elephant in Cambodia. Yes, people actually do this at the Phnom Bakheng Temple. If proposing while you’re sitting on an elephant isn’t quite your cup of tea, you can wait until you reach the top of the hill to make your proposal. The sun setting in the background will make a stunning backdrop for any photos taken of the moment. It’ll certainly be one of the best moments of your life.

The Most Common Proposal Destinations


Waves crashing on the beach as a spectacular ocean view on the Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Apart from giving us the amazing Hawaiian pizza, the tiny island state is a favoured go-to place for proposals. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to figure out why. Soft sands, aquamarine crystal cool water, lush palm-trees, fantastic weather – tropical island life – it has a way of making you feel like you’re in paradise and want to spend the rest of your life enjoying yourself with the one you love. It’s one of the most common destinations for proposals in the U.S.

If you intend on making a proposal in Hawaii, make sure you choose a secluded and quiet part of a beach at sunset. Light up the chosen area with candles bring a bouquet of flowers, (and the ring!) dress the part and ask properly. Don’t forget to have someone recording or taking pictures you’ll want the memories.

Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 26: Famous Las Vegas Strip on November 26, 2011 in Las Vegas. The Strip is about 4 miles long and is seen here from the Frenchman Mountain summit.

If you can’t travel to all these amazing places, there is one place where you can find all these cities replicated and that place is none other than Las Vegas! You could even short-gun everything propose AND get married in Vegas. Did someone say the Elvis Presley Wedding Chapel? On second thoughts perhaps let’s just stick to the proposal.

New York

Manhattan Midtown skyline panorama before sunset, New York

Whether you head to the city in winter and you get the magic of the city in the snow or during the summer this is a popular city to propose in, whether it’s in Central Park, by the statue of Liberty or any of the other world famous landmarks in the city, New York is one of the most popular cities to propose in, whether you’re travelling from Europe or America getting here is so easy and affordable, which is what probably attracts so many people.

Make It Special and Memorable

Proposals should be special and memorable. It’s a life-changing moment. Make sure you have someone filming within proximity or taking photos. You’ll want to remember the moment. We hope these 11 ideas have given you something to think about as you plan your own proposal. Remember it’s not how much money or how little money you put forth, but the sincerity behind your words and the intent that counts the most.

If you are lucky and she says yes, then why not check out a recent post which is the best honeymoon destinations.

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