Top 10 Things To Visit in California

By January 22, 2018

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If you’re coming to visit California, you might only have a short few days to see everything on your list. As a local, I know all the best places to visit and can help you narrow down that list. Afterall, you’d only want to spend time and money on the places that are truly worth it! If you are planning on travelling, then get some of the best travel gadgets on the market.

For Family-Friendly Areas

Parents with kids sometimes have a hard time finding a place that is child-friendly. Luckily, there are tons of family-friendly areas here in California. Here are some of my top picks for your visit:

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco bay and Crissy Field

Crissy Field

So everyone loves Disneyland and you can certainly go there too – but why not try Crissy Field as well? This former airfield has been converted into a campground. Overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, you can get your family outside for a wonderful lunch with some scenic views. Grab those bikes and swimming trunks and relax on the beach with your family.

Living Desert

Brave the heat to visit the desert, but don’t worry: there’s more than just sand here.

You are able to take your kids to the zoo as well, so they can learn all about nature and wildlife. They’ll enjoy seeing the exotic animals and plants that can only be found in the desert, like cheetahs, camels, giraffes and jaguars. You are even able to go for a short hike or feed animals by hand.

For Activities

California is one of the best possible places to go for fun activities. Not only is the weather great all year-round, there are many water-related activities as well since it’s on the coast.

Yosemite National Park

View of half dome at sunset reflected in the Merced River

Take your family to Yosemite, go with others, or go alone to explore the miles of hiking trails through the waterfalls, wildlife and rivers.

This California icon is breathtaking and it’s filled with history too. Moreover, since you are able to camp, swim, fish, hike and take pictures here, you won’t ever be bored.

Whale Watching in San Diego

Since you’re by the sea, try an activity like whale-watching while you’re in the area. You get to see the whales from aboard a historic sailing schooner.

Over the course of your four-hour cruise, your tour guide will give you tons of information about the sea animals. Moreover, he or she will let you know about the US Navy sites you pass along the way. Once your cruise is over, go to the San Diego Maritime Museum with your complimentary ticket.

Beaches and Coasts

Either head to the beaches with your family, go by yourself, go for activities, or just take a few pictures of the sunset. California has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, so you definitely have to go for a visit.

Sunbathe during the day, or bring out your surfboard when the weather is right. Your kids can even relax in the sand or the water at any time of the year, since California weather is great most if not all the time.

For History

I’m a little bit of a history buff myself, so you can bet I’ve visited quite a few of the historically-rich places in California. From Spanish history to the Hollywood narrative, there is no shortage of places to see.

Historical Libraries

Air Force One and Marine One on display at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, July 24, 2010. The aircraft are part of a continuing event at the museum

California has many libraries that you could spend weeks touring, but there are a few that come to mind for us history lovers. This includes the Richard M. Mixon and Ronald Reagan Libraries.

If you’re a fan of US history, see the home of the former President Nixon, or take a look at a real retired Air Force One airplane at the Reagan Library too.

Historical Islands and Landmarks

During your stay, you should definitely check out Angel Island – an island with beautiful views and historical value. This island is known as the “Ellis Island of the West” and was the place where many early Asian immigrants came to the US.

It’s definitely an interesting historical site to see. Go visit Hearst Castle too, where William Hearst lived, located right on the Central Coast where you’ll find some of the best views.

Let’s Go to Hollywood

Lots of Californian history is wrapped up in Hollywood and entertainment. With that in mind, see where the entertainment industry really got its start and begin your trek in Paramount Studios.

As the fifth oldest studio in the world, there are few places that are more iconic. Take a look at the Hollywood Museum too, if you’re a fan of the silver screen.

For Scenery

After a long day, it’s understandable that you might something more relaxing. Go for a quick drive to see some of the beauty California has to offer – from the rivers, to the parks, to the forests.

Falls and Canyons

Beautiful waterfall in Santa Anita Canyon, California

Besides Yosemite, be sure to visit a few other areas like Sturtevant Falls and Big Santa Anita Canyon to see some breathtaking views.

Visit the Angeles National Forest to see 50-foot high falls and the moss and algae climbing up the cliff. This will make the colors of the water even more distinctive, so take out your camera to capture the stunning view.

The Pacific Coast Highway

You don’t even have to leave your car to see some of the most alluring sights California has to offer. Drive along the Pacific Coast Highway with a passenger to take some pictures while you drive and enjoy the coastline of California right in front of you.

This coastline is famous for its scenery and the highway itself is even considered a blue Star Memorial Highway – to recognize those who’ve served the country as part of the military.


I know you only have a limited amount of time to spend in California and there are so many activities to do and places to see. You might even feel overwhelmed with all of your options. Trust me though: these are some of the best places to see when you’re in California so you’ll have the most memorable trip.

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