Top 10 things to do in Buenos Aires

By October 5, 2018

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Buenos Aires is the most vibrant and developed city in the Latin world. The city is inhabited by a record transnational population and as such features a culturally infused lifestyle from all walks of life.

The city dates back to medieval ages, and have flourished over the centuries to become not only the capital city of Argentina, but also an appealing tourism destination. It is by far one of the most visited cities in the world after Florence, Italy.

The city’s appeal is founded on the basic fact that the city is an amalgam destination, boasting of an array of local attractions, medieval architecture, signature dancing events and parties, as well as theme parks and museums.

In addition, Buenos Aires hosts numerous hotels and accommodation facilities. The hotel industry is well developed to cater for all types of travellers from those that are business motivated to leisure and recreation. In conjunction, with package tour and travel operators, the hotels’ has top notch amenities, and offers trans national cuisines and fancy wines.

The city more also have an elaborate transport and communication network which fosters its place as a world leading destination. The city bus network is one of the most developed in the region and tourists’ buses are estimated to carry a record number of visitors daily.

Since its inceptions the city has endeavored and embarked on set up comprehensive transport network such as railway and road networks. Security is also enhanced as the city is the capital city of Argentina.

The city limelight in international landscape is also enhanced as the city has hosted several multinational events such as FIFA world cup in the 1970s as well as several regional events.

The city is also home to a trans national population. The language of communication is also diverse but Spanish is the commonly spoken inter-people. It is this diverse multiethnic connotation that gives the city a unique place in the southern Americas.

The people of the city are also renowned for a unique friendliness, and it is in their hotels that one will find very friendly and welcoming people and attendants to make this certain.

The town can be accessed internationally as its airport connects with major international and regional airports. Commonly known as the Paris of the south Americas, the city international arrivals by air are a record high.

There are several tourist products that guests can benefit from during their stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a city named after its cool and friendly atmosphere.

The tango dance

This is the most exported cultural product from Argentina. Tango is a partner dance that originated in the enlightened era of Argentina. There is no reason that would prevent romantic vacationers from pursuing this dance, enrolling in a class of the same, just at the heart of the country which is Buenos Aires. The tango dance has been listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage.

Several dignitaries who have visited the town have never shied from experiencing the city’s most popular dance moves that have colonised events worldwide since they were conceived.

Beside the dance, and music, Buenos Aires is an international city and therefore guests will find the thrill of other bands and music genres prevalent in the city. There are several discotheques, parties and events taking place in there.

Several fashionable pubs in the town also treat guests with various other forms of entertainment from traditional to modern ones. There are several casinos, strip clubs and discotheques in the streets of the city, which guests can choose from.

Visit the national museum of fine arts

Guests arriving at Buenos Aires will definitely be shocked by their realization that what they imagined was a concrete jungle, is indeed an appealing city, throbbing with life. There is a great deal of entertainment hidden in the heartland of the great city of the Latin world and the thrill of discovering this is immeasurable.

There is no other place that the visitors can acquaint themselves with the history of the city, rather than a visit to the national museum of fine arts. The museum is currently located, in a convenient location in Roceleta neighborhood, where several other local attractions such as cemetery and ancients cathedrals are congregated.

There are over ten thousands collections in the museum, quite appealing for both aesthetic and non-aesthetic individuals. The artistic collections are of both European and Argentinian origin, dating backs to antiquity. Some of the famous Argentinian artists of world acclaim that have collections in the museum are Candido Lopez and Van Gogh. Master artists of European decent also have their collections in this great museum.

Tours in the museum are guided especially for kids. The best time to visit for these guided tours is Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Teatro Colon

There is a distinguished and unique reason why virtually all visitors to Buenos Aires dare not miss a seat in the theatre. It is considered one of the most attractive and attended auditorium in the world.

The theater is over one hundred years old. It features several shows from those that are rich in culture to postmodern artistic performances. There is however a need to tap into the performance season for a fulfilling experience.

In addition, to the shows, the dances and the plays taking place in the world acclaimed theatre, it is a promulgated fact that the architecture and design of the Teatro Colon is breathtaking. Guests rarely distinguish between the appeal of the theatre and the show themselves, contributing to the apothegm that everything that takes place in Teatro Colon is already good. From a distance, the unique architecture of the museum is a unique scenery for both a photo taking experience as well as sight seeing.

Visit the Puerto Madero

While the city may be toil in the day time, as it’s a regional commercial hub, an evening relaxation at the riverfront along the oasis. The oasis is definitely toiling in the day, but during the night it is transformed into a very blissful and friendly relaxation joint featuring restaurants, pubs and classic discotheques.

The breezing air and the joy of a magically charged populace are a clear attraction and a great deal of experience. It is also worth crossing the ladies bridge there.

Guests can experience the niceties of dishes drinks and quiet music in an evening on this strip. There is also the advantage of selection, and pub roamers can have an experience of a life time there.

In addition, the strip is near other attraction such as Puente de la Mujer and the Tour Bridge.

Tour the Bosques de Palermo

park in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The park is ideal for a hot afternoon while at the city. It is here that guests can have an escape from the hullaballoo of the busy town life.

The park is the oldest in the capital, and has remained unadulterated for the last several decades it has been open to the public. It features a beautiful landscape and a serene environment for lazy sunny days.

It’s not appropriate to miss a beautiful photo taking session here. Crowded with jacaranda trees, guests can reap the best of the park during the month of December when the trees are blossoming with life and colour.

Recoleta cemetery

Nobody rises from the dead, and therefore guests with no chills will find a visit to the ancient cemetery, and watch mausoleum resembling and replicating Greek temples and Egyptian pyramids, very satisfying an experience. More also, the rich and precision deep architecture is mind numbing.

The cemetery receives a transnational population year round and it is also here that great and legendary Argentinian Historical figures are buried. Eva poron and her family were buried here.

The mausoleums are not anything dead, but precisely a wonderful piece of art featuring appealing and magnificent sculptures and artistic impressions. It is wonderful to note that the story imprinted on these mausoleums makes the visiting tale even more ecstatic.

The El Obelisco

The obelisk the landmark of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The city tour would never be complete without a visit to this tall attraction, standing at 68 meters high. Its height, artistic design and precision cultivate a great deal of imagination, and thus a satisfying travel experience.

The site where the attraction stands is the sacred garden where the first Argentinian flag was first hoisted. The obelisk was built to mark exactly four hundred years since the city was founded, and it’s important to note that the number coincides with the biblical years of redemption.

Where the obelisk stands, there was a church that was demolished to pave way for it, which is quite a rich history.

Relaxation and recreation at various Hotels in Buneo aeris

While at the city, there are several hotels that guests can reside and take part in recreation activities such as swimming, gymnasium and indoor entertainments. The hotels are renowned to provide top notch amenities.

There are also numerous golf courses in the city. Horse riding parks and sports clubs are also prevalent.

The hotels are also ideal for business travellers as most of them have a state of art business centers, conference facilities and business parks.

Besides, guests wishing for a perfect afternoon indulged into the tech world will find the availability of free wifi in major hotels very satisfying an experience. The hotels rooms are also well equipped with modern entertainment gadgets such as cable TVs, smart TVs and modern kitchen ware for additional culinary experience.

For a night experience in the wild there are various gardens that offer camping experience with tents and lighting facilities. Camping as an experience is very satisfying as it gives an opportunity to experience nature and it’s agreed that a great deal of discoveries were made by tent men way back in antiquity.

Guests can also opt to cycle around the city and see for themselves the beautiful cathedrals that colonize the city. Some of these cathedrals dates back to the mediaeval ages and are rich in European Spanish culture. Cycling can be done with the help of a concierge, or tour guide. Chauffeurs can also be hired for an expensive tour around the city. However a bus tour around the city is the most encouraged to take, as the city bus network is favorably developed.

Besides guests can definitely stroll the city to see the various colorful streets that dominates the entire city. There, guests will be attracted to the rich infrastructure, a blend of both modern and traditional styles.

For additional shopping experience, there are several emerging malls and complexes that are rife with movie theatres, supermarkets, and state of arts exhibit shops.

Plaza Dorrego

There are numerous souvenirs that guests can buy while at Buenos Aires. However, and despite the fact that there are numerous places to buy, such as shopping malls and upcountry markets, Plaza Dorrego stands uniquely as an exceptional shopping market.

The public square is among the oldest in the country and the capital and from here, travellers can but antiques from all walks of life and cultures in Argentina. The market operates on Sundays only.

The history of the market is multifaceted. It started out as a farmers market before being taken over by the antiques and artists. For those guests who would miss the Sunday markets, there are numerous shopping squares nearby, though the Sunday market by far continues to stay undisputed as the king of souvenirs in Buenos Aires.

Carlos Thay botanical gardens

The garden is the sole work of a famous French botanist. The garden dates back to the 19th century. It is believed that the Frenchman begun working on the gardens when he was in his middle ages. The garden features over 5000 species of plants.

The garden is spectacular. Those words are not enough; it embodies nature and enigma together.

For a perfect relaxation experience, as well as family reunions the garden is a perfect as it provides serene and cool friendly atmosphere for that dispensation.

For additional experience, guests can tour zoos and ecological parks that are in the city. One of those Zoos is the Buneos aires Zoos that is located on over 40000 acres of land and features over 4000 species of animals, reptiles and birds.

For guests looking forward for additional wildlife experience, a package tour into the outskirts of the city is highly possible noting that the city has one of the most elaborate tourist bus networks.

If you are heading to South America and especially Argentina we highly recommending visit Buenos Aires.

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