Best way to rewaterproof your outdoor gear

So you have had your waterproofing equipment for a while, whether that’s a jacket, tent or anything else you use to keep you dry, after a while you will need to clean it and re-waterproof it.


Whether you have been out on the hills and got mud on your jacket, or you have spent a weekend under canvas and the tent got dirt on it, then you need to clean it. If you had a dirty t-shirt you would clean it and the same applies to waterproof items. If they are dirty, it can affect the waterproof effectiveness and can defiantly affect the breathability of the gear. Before you go off and start chucking your gear into the washing machine, using normal detergent will damage the waterproof level.

Cleaning the jacket

My personal favourite and I know other brands are out there – but I’ve always used it and never had any problems and only a good experience, so I used Nikwax Tech Wash. It’s so simple to use – put your washing machine onto a rinse cycle (you need to clear any excess detergent from your machine) then add your jackets, trousers or what other waterproof gear you need to wash and follow the instructions on the label, pretty simple really.

If possible try and hang your jacket out to dry rather than putting it on heat – heat can affect the material especially if its gortex.

The jacket once dry is now nice and clean, however its stripped off the waterproof layer in the cleaning process.

But if you have a down filled jacket, please use Nikwax Down Wash cleaning products.

Re-waterfproofing the jacket

Ok so you have just washed your jacket or have noticed that water is getting in your waterproof clothing and you want to re-waterproof it, the good news is that its pretty simple to do.

Again, I use the Nikwax TXDirect Wash In (there are other brands, but as before I always used Nikwax and trust it), but depending on what your re-waterproofing there a different products

But basically once you have washed your jacket, don’t bother to dry it, just add in the required amount of TXDirect, into the machine and put it on. A tip – place a towel in front of your washing machine before you pull out your waterproof clothing – the clothing is now waterproof and water can collect on the clothing and as you pull it out fall all over your floor. Then simply hang out the clothing to dry and soon you will have new waterproof clothing.

Cleaning and Waterproofing a tent

Its quite similar, but as a tent won’t fit into the washing machine, simply mix the Tech Wash into water and using a clean cloth clean your tent. Once your tent is dry, spray your tent with ‘Tent and Gear solarProof’ and your tent will become waterproof and UV protected again. If your garden is big enough to put up your tent, then this is the best way of making sure you get the whole tent waterproof.

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