Ten things to know before traveling to Vietnam

By February 5, 2018

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Vietnam is one of the most sought-after locations in Southeast Asia. A number of tourist visit this beautiful spot in search of peace, relaxation and to enjoy the natural and beautiful surroundings that this country offers.

Thus, if you are planning your vacation to Vietnam sooner, here are the ten things that you must take a note before you reach Vietnam:

  1. Best time to visit Vietnam is from January to March:

The best time when you can pay a visit to Vietnam is from January to March. The weather conditions are most convenient during these months and hence you can enjoy your hearts out by exploring a number of beautiful places.

  1. You don’t need a visa if you are from Europe:

A good news for all the Europeans, you do not need a visa to stay in Vietnam. Scandinavia, Southeast Asia as well as Western Europe get a 15-day Visa in Vietnam. Citizens of the United States, Australia as well as Canada can apply for visa on arrival.

  1. Everyone is a millionaire here:

Yes, you heard it right. Traveling to this country will let you fulfill the dream of being a millionaire here. This is because the exchange rate for the Vietnam Dong (VND) is about 1 US Dollar = 22,500 VND.

  1. Your trip shall be easier if you learn the local language:

The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese. A number of visitors find it difficult to gain a quick grasp of this language. Thus, you must make sure to learn a few useful phrases in prior in order to make your trip easy.

  1. Vietnam is safe:

Another good news, Vietnam is a safe country to travel. Both the locals as well as the government look up to the tourism as a sign of the development of the country. Thus, they welcome the tourists with all their hearts. The only crime that you are likely to encounter in this country is petty theft which is the most common incident experienced by the tourists here.

Beautiful rice fields on terrace of Hoang Su Phi country, Ha Giang province, North Vietnam. Rice fields prepare the harvest at North Vietnam. 2

  1. You don’t need to tip in Vietnam:

Another remarkable thing about this country is that it does not have a tipping culture here. Thus, the tips are neither expected nor entertained by the people here. The locals of Vietnam usually share all their dishes so restaurants accommodate to the same and bring out the food as it is cooked instead of all together.

  1. Coaches are comfortable but city buses are not:

There is a great advantage of traveling in the coaches in Vietnam. The coaches of Vietnam are cheap and comfortable at the same time. A few companies located here have the routes which cover the coastal roads and grant some of the most comfortable overnight buses with bed as well as free WiFi. The best option here is to buy your tickets in advance by the way of hotels as well as travel agents.

  1. WiFi of Vietnam is relatively fast and 4G hasn’t been made available yet:

The internet connection of Vietnam is relatively fast if we compare it to that of other countries except when the government announces that the sharks have eaten the cables. Moreover, WiFi in Vietnam can be found almost anywhere and everywhere. However, one thing that is going to shock you is that Vietnam doesn’t entertain a 4G connection yet. 

  1. The food of Vietnam is amazing:

Vietnamese food is considered as one of the most delectable varieties of food. The food of Vietnam plays a big part among the local culture. The traditional food in the country has its own rich history and the tourists cannot help but relish upon the rich flavors and taste of the Vietnamese food so served by the locals here.

  1. You can get the most fashionable clothes tailored here:

The tailors of Vietnam enjoy a worldwide acclamation. Thanks to their skill, expertise, speed as well as affordability. Thus, you can bring the catalogue of the most fashionable clothes and can further get them tailored by the tailors here. Hoi An is considered as the most famous location of the tailors.

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