Interesting Facts about Lima

Panoramic view of Lima main square and cathedral church.

Lima is the Capital of Peru in South America. The city is a coastal city on located on the Pacific Ocean. Here are 17 interesting facts about Lima.


  1. 30 Million people live in Peru, roughly a third of which live in Lima.
  2. It’s the 5th largest city in South America
  3. The capital is coastal and has a coastline of 80 kilometres
  4. Lima also covers 2700 square kilometres
  5. The city is located on a desert strip between the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountains.
  6. The city was founded on the land of a native chief, Taulichusco. You can even see ruins in the garden of a manor home right off of the city’s main square.
  7. Its also the second largest desert capital – only after Cairo in Egypt.
  8. It never really rains either because its in the desert – it does experience some drizzle
  9. Lima was founded in 1535 by a Francisco Pizarro (18th of January)
  10. Only one of three places where Coca-Cola is not the leading soft drink (India and Scotland are the other two). They prefer Inca Kola a bright yellow bubble-gum flavoured soda drink
  11. Everyone drinks beers from the same glass – it’s a weird custom that foreign travellers don’t always understand. If your at a party expect to see the guy with a beer open it, pour a shot worth into a cup, drink it. Give the girls a drink and pass the bottle and cup to the next guy.
  12. Something else which is unusual – all dogs wear clothes all the time
  13. If you go to the Larco Museum, you will notice majority of the objects are sexual figures, designed by Incans.
  14. Frog Juice – people in the city drink Frog Smoothies. Yep you read that right, its mainly on the out skirts of the city, but can be found in the city centre, bars which sell Frog smoothies. The juice is made by blending frogs together. It’s believed to have a million medicinal properties, and is the ultimate “health food”.
  15. If your in Lima for New Year wear Yellow. Each country in South America have a different colour and Lima’s is yellow.
  16. If you make it past midnight, you will see people walking the streets with Suitcase for a year of travel
  17. Also you will see them eating 12 grapes – making a wish for each month of the year


If you are thinking of heading to Lima at New Years, the temperatures are around 23° or 73 Fahrenheit with no rain. Sounds like a great place to visit. If you want to check out guides to visiting South America for some amazing trips and tricks.

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