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By August 29, 2017

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If you’re looking for a cool and unique place to visit on a Saturday morning then head to the Saturday market.

It’s open most of the year, from March to Christmas and opens around 10 in the morning. Also, another thing to point out, the market is also open on Sundays from 11 pm. So really it should change its name – but I guess it started out as a Saturday market and due to becoming so popular expanded.

It’s a mixture of food and craft stalls. I made the mistake in turning up a little early (got there about 8:30 am) but it wasn’t a problem as it was a lovely sunny July morning and I was able to sit by the river and watch everyone run by.

river in Portland Next to the Satursday Markets

View of river next to where the Saturday market is located

Once it did open I am so glad I waited, as I wandered around the stalls I came across some amazing local pieces which were really fitting to the motto “Keep Portland Weird”. The place literally sells some amazing stuff.

The address of the Portland Saturday market:

2 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR 97204.

It’s fairly easy to get to and is located

Please don’t get this market mixed up with the Portland Farmers which is also on a Saturday, while I haven’t been I have heard many wonderful things about it.


What can I say, the food smelt amazing and again wasn’t the usual stuff you would find at a normal market – it had Portland’s weird motto behind it, don’t get me wrong it was amazing food and would highly recommend.

I wish I had managed to get some more photo’s of the food to share with you – next time I go I will make sure I do.

Name Writing

name writing at Portland Saturday Market

I did manage to buy one thing from there, my wife is expecting our third child in October of this year and we had already found out we were having a girl and knew the name and I came across this wonderful artist who writes people’s names in the most unusual way (or so I thought, apparently it’s quite common) but at the time I thought it was unique and I had to have one.

If you need a full breakdown of vendors please visit the Saturday Market site.

Would I recommend you visit this market – of course, and I hate shopping? Ask the wife she has to drag me to get me anything new, but I love strolling around all these little stalls spending a few hours browsing.

My tip – try and get there for when it’s opening – as I was leaving it was really starting to get busy and would have meant strolling around and looking at the different stalls a lot more tricky.

If you are heading to Portland and unsure of what to do, why not check our Guides on what to do in Portland.


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