Wwoofing in New Zealand

Many people cannot sacrifice the idea of traveling the world and getting rid of their boring 9-5 jobs. This is because they see it as a huge opportunity to forego. Traveling requires money like any other thing in the world. When food, accommodation, flights and other items are included, you may end up being empty. The truth is that there are several ways to travel the world even on a budget. One of the best ways to travel on a budget is WWOOFing. What does term stand for?

The Meaning Of WWOOFing:

The term WWOOFing is not linked to dogs or any animal. The phrase emanates from WWOOF, which implies World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms;. It is an organization that brings organic farmers and people together across the globe.

What Is WWOOFing?

To do WWOOFing and become WWOOFer, you will have to sign up on our cultural exchange platform. Members who are willing to join our WWOOFing program will also choose a country like to visit. Our WWOOF service has organic farm hosts across the Americas, Africa, Europe and in Asia-Pacific. When you make a decision on selecting a nation, ensure to include the town you wish to work and locate a farm there. Our WOOFing New Zealand service operates on a simple concept. Members will offer their services in exchange for food and accommodation. This means that you will have to work on farms to help out our hosts, promote cultural experiences and test yourself. While working on these farms, you will not earn any money. It also implies that you will be saving your funds on food, hotels, and hostels while working with hosts.

What WWOOFers Engage In?

For travelers, WWOOFing is becoming highly interesting. This is because more hosts are getting engaged in the system every year. Another amazing thing is that these hosts have different backgrounds and experiences. Travelers can be asked to do anything by hosts in exchange for board and room. WWOOF hosts have their personal organic farms. WWOOFing will give you the opportunity to stay in the country of your choice as long as you want if the hosts approve of it. The globe is your oyster when engaging in WWOOFing activities.

Who Is A Host?

Hosts always want people to come them. This is because every host in our WWOOFING program will share their lifestyle with other you. Hosts also are ready to open their homes for people to learn. If you are a host, then be open to accepting volunteers. Volunteers are always available to render a helping hand to your project. Most hosts on our WWOOFING program understand both Bio-dynamic growing and Permaculture techniques. Some hosts remain homesteaders willing to take part in a self-sufficient program. There are some hosts that fend from the activities of their land. Hosts can either be individuals or families. Hosts can also be in the form of eco-villages, communities, and cooperatives.

Our WWOOFING New Zealand service also takes part in activities that are not organic. Hosts on our WWOOF program like sharing the secret of their lifestyle to others. When talking about knowledge and profound experience, hosts sure have these features on board. This implies that hosts are not short of experience and knowledge to share their lifestyle with you. Sometimes, finding a host may be a difficult task for a volunteer. Volunteers may like to search for host based on experiences and skills. Well, our program has made everything easier for you. Volunteers have the opportunity to choose between a Cultural Exchange and WWOOF hosts.

At the moment, there is a continuing effort to fix all Cultural Exchange hosts to a permanent platform. For this reason, it is important for new members to join using a different platform. This will help to facilitate the process of migrating all Culture Exchange hosts.

Who Is A WWOOF Host?

Most hosts that fall under this category are biodynamic and organic growers and farmers. One amazing feature of WWOOF hosts is that they are open-minded people. These professionals like proliferating their understanding about organic and sustainable growing and farming practices to other people. This means that our WWOOF hosts are professional instructors of the highest quality. If you are a volunteer under our WWOOF host, then be ready to learn about organic farming. Volunteers working on this platform should be ready to live a life of organic activities. Volunteers will put their pair of hands to work by experiencing and learning how the real organic life looks like. Every host in this category is dedicated to expanding the organic movement. In a nutshell, the relationship of our WWOOF hosts and volunteers in this category is symbiotic. It is a platform where everyone contributes on a daily basis. In a practical sense, it is a good idea to make the world have abundance even in the midst of economic crisis.

Cultural Exchange Hosts:

This is the second category of the WWOOF host platform. These hosts provide a plethora of amazing offers that can benefit volunteers. Conservation, humanitarian and social experiences are part of what Cultural Exchange hosts can offer. The means that host operating on this platform provide offers that are not the basic of organic activities. Among other areas in which hosts on this platform works are hospitality, tourism, child care, animal husbandry, crafts and building projects. While many people may not have had any experience as a tourist, our WWOOFING New Zealand website can help make it a reality. Instead of being an ordinary tourist, you will learn new things from either our Cultural Exchange or WWOOF hosts. Knowledge is power and that is what you will get from our WWOOFING New Zealand hosts. If you want to have a genuine and unique experience, then it is time to live with the locals. As a tourist, it is a good idea to see a country both inside and outside. It will help to buttress your view about a nation and culture.

Who Are Volunteers?

The duty of a volunteer is to do what the host demands. The host will have volunteers in their home. Hosts will ensure to pass their experience and knowledge to available volunteers. When joining a host, you are expected to take part in a daily work. A volunteer may work for up to six hours in most countries. This means that volunteers will be provided a complete day food and accommodation. Volunteers will have to join their hosts in a gamut of activities. This can be in bread making, cheese production, wine manufacturing, making mud-bricks, fencing and just to mention a few. Some hosts may also ask volunteers to take part in feeding, milking, packing, harvesting, weeding, cutting wood and much more. Planting, gardening, making compost and sowing seed are other activities that a volunteer can handle.

If there is anything a volunteer can give back to a country of their adventure, then it must be time and effort. The time of working with a host is a matter of negotiation. Both the host and volunteer can sort things out between themselves. In most cases, a WWOOF visit may last for 1-2 weeks or even for a couple of days. Our WWOOFing New Zealand website will provide visitors or volunteers with enough information from both Cultural Exchange and WWOOF hosts. Are you willing and eager to meet new people on your next trip? Do you want to learn about the conservative way of living? You can explore WWOOFING New Zealand website today for more information on how to be WOOFer.

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