Sky Lounge Rotorua

Sky Lounge Rotorua

The Sky Lounge in Rotorua featured in our top places to visit, it is a truly remarkable way to see the city and the surrounding lands (on a clear day). Actually, the whole experience is weather related, you need a really clear day to get the best experience.

The view isn’t the only activity at the top, so even if the weather isn’t perfect it could be worth heading up. Firstly there is a great high-quality restaurant at the top. It’s buffet style dining combined with amazing views. Sit at one of the amazing spacious viewing windows and enjoy some lovely food.

Activates on the Sky Lounge


The Gondola takes you up to the top of the Skyline along the city side of Mount Ngongotaha. It’s a fairly short ride to the top, so if you are wanting photo’s and video’s make sure your camera is out before you set off.

The Gondola is aimed at the whole family and is a great way to see the city as you rise higher and higher.

Skyline Luge

This is something you have to experience and is one for the whole family. A fun ride which allows visitors to jump into their own purpose-built luge cart and then make their way down the winding tracks to the bottom. There are three tracks, a more science route which allows you to enjoy the sightseeing experience and offers a range of vantage points to look out for. The other route is for those who like a little bit more of a thrill.

There is also a third track, for those who really want a thrill.

My Advice – take the scenic route, enjoy the views, practice your handling of the luge and then once you’re comfortable take the thrill route – you will get more out of it as you will be more confident. The great thing is it doesn’t require snow so is open all year and as already said, its one for the whole family.

Pro Tip – get the multi-ride pass which means you can try both routes out and save money.

Sky Swing

If the luge is a little too timid for you and you want something to get the adrenaline pumping around your body, then the Sky Swing maybe for you.

The best way to describe it, think of bungee jumping but in reverse, the ride is about 50 metres above grounds and travels at speeds of about 120 kilometres per hour. This isn’t for the faint-hearted but is a great way rush and even better way to see the city (if you can keep them eyes open). The ride can take up to 3 people at once and kids are allowed on the ride assuming they are 110cm tall and have some balls.

Pro Tip – if you are thinking of doing all three buy a combined ticket, which helps you save money.

This is a truly family activity which can turn into a full day adventure with something for everyone to do including families and adults. If budgets are an issue, consider taking a picnic to the top.

In all, it’s well worth investing the money in making a day of your trip up the top of the Skyline Rotorua facility, with plenty to entertain both adults and families alike.

There are some many wonderful free activities you can do in Rotorua if budgets are tight.

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