The Guide To Budget Saving Activities In Queenstown

The guide to budget saving activities in Queenstown

Go Easy On Your Wallet In Queenstown

Queenstown is well known as a popular resort destination.

There are tons of activities to partake in Queenstown, and it’s a travel destination that draws many tourists every year.

Unfortunately, it’s now seen as something of a tourist trap.

Activities, food and transport in Queenstown can all be pretty expensive.

If you’re on a budget, this is bad news.

However, fret not!

There are still amazing but budget-friendly activities available in Queenstown.

In this article, we will be going through a variety of budget-friendly activities that you can take part in. Let’s dig in! 

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1. Hike 

Hiking is one of the best free activities that you can partake in whilst in Queenstown.

There are several different hikes that you can go on and all of them will afford you amazing views. 

Queenstown Hill 

To be honest, getting to the beginning of the Queenstown Hill hike on Belfast Street is already somewhat a challenge.

The streets are just so steep!

However, the hike is more than worth it! It’ll take you through fur tree forests and over high grasslands to eventually a peak over Queenstown.

At this peak, you’d be surrounded by picturesque scenes over Queenstown and that is more than worth the hike.

The hike along the way is also amazingly scenic! 

Tiki Trail To Bob’s Peak 

Bob’s Peak is another peak that allows you views over Queenstown.

For the most part, people get to Bob’s Peak by taking the Skyline Gondola.

However, if you’re looking to save money, you can also hike up to Bob’s Peak via Tiki Trail.

Aside from saving money, you’d also get to experience nature and feel a moment of satisfaction when you reach the top.

Here is where you’d get a postcard-worthy view over Queenstown.

If you’re interested, this trail starts at the gondola base at Brecon Street. 

Summit Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond is officially the highest peak within Queenstown.

It’s also the most rural hike available within Queenstown.

If you’re looking for something more natural, this is what you’d want to go on.

The trail is well signed from the Skyline Gondola.

You’d be wanting to walk over the saddle and follow the incredibly steep route up to the top.

It’s best to take this route in Summer when the days are longer and there’s no snow!

On the way back, you could take the One Mile Creek Track!

Essentially, you’d be trailing along an old pipeline that goes through a beech forest.

This trail will also take you past several waterfalls so it is definitely one filled with views.

In fact, this trail is far more impressive than the Tiki Trail. 

2. Jump Around At SITE Trampoline 

Many adventures in Queenstown are weather dependent.

If it’s raining too hard, you wouldn’t be able to paraglide or hike a mountain.

Fortunately, SITE Trampoline is the perfect place for these scenarios.

SITE Trampoline is located in The Remarkables Park Town Centre and you’d be able to go in and make use of their trampoline facilities.

You can parkour or freestyle trampoline here.

Alternatively, if you’re meant to hit the slopes, you can always practice a few tricks here too!

This will get you ready for the slopes!

At a max price of NZ$25, you could have an afternoon of jumping fun! 

3. Relax at Main Town Beach 

Almost everyone loves the beach! And beaches are often free to get into.

The Queenstown Main Beach is no exception either!

If you’re wondering where there could be a beach in Queenstown, it’s just by the waterfront.

Get to the waterfront and I’m sure you’ll find the beach.

On sunny days, this could be a great place to kick back and relax with friends.

If you want a little more excitement, you could always spend some money to rent an aqua bike, kayak or stand-up paddleboard.

This would all cost you around NZ$25 for 45 minutes, per person. 

4. Fergburgers! 

If there’s a dish that Queenstown is famous for, it’s the Fergburger!

The Fergburger is a burger place serving gigantic burgers for NZ$11 to NZ$18.

If you aren’t sure of what to get, we’d suggest the Chef Wiggum burger or the vegetarian Bin Laden!

Fergburger is so popular that queuing can go on for a whole day during the summer.

If you’re thinking of getting a burger but not looking to queue, you can always call in to order first.

This will cut down your waiting time significantly.

If you’re staying in a hostel, do remember to check your front desk for “Free Fries” vouchers! Most hostels would have this and it can save you some money. 

5. Stroll Along Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu is the third largest lake in New Zealand.

It is a massive beauty and just strolling around it can be relaxing and fun.

There are beautiful trees surrounding the lake and the Southern Alps are also always in the backdrop.

If you want to, you can even ride a bicycle around the lake.

It’s also wheelchair friendly so everyone is available to enjoy this natural beauty.

If you’re coming from the town centre, you can get here through the Queenstown Gardens and the Frankton Track. 

6. Cheap Adventure Deals 

Being the haven for adventurers, it seems terrible if one visits Queenstown and does not try out anything adventurous.

Luckily, there are amazing discount booking sites available for activities in Queenstown.

Here you’d be able to find activities that go for below NZ$20!

From kayaking to paddleboarding to jet boarding to mountain biking, you’d be able to find something for you.

However, it is important to note that these activities have pretty rigid bookings.

The time and date are fixed and you’d have to accommodate to it.

Additionally, there are strictly no refunds for them!

So, if you’re planning to book one of these discount trips, be sure to ensure that you can make it for the stated time and date. 


Despite Queenstown’s reputation as a tourist trap, it is still possible to find budget-friendly activities within the town.

We hope this article helps in your trip planning and that you have a whale of a time in Queenstown! 

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