Australia isn’t a real country

Austrialia isnt a real country

A Facebook post has been shared over 22,000 times claims that Australia isn’t a real country.

Flloyd writes that Australia isn’t a real country and that Britain invented the country so that it could kill thousands of criminals rather than send them to the other side of the planet.

He lives in Stockholm and claims every person on the planet is in on this scheme, including airline pilots who take people to South America.

He told Buzzfeed – “It was just going to be a short post but I went wild with it and looked up some facts and well, that’s how it ended up,”

“A fuckton of Aussies have called me a retard, cunt, idiot, and so on,” Floryd said.

“Probably a few thousand have told me they’re going to beat me up and I’ve read some 100 or so death threats.

“One guy said he was going to track my IP to get my address so that he could come fuck me up, so I just sent my address to him instead.”

Australia is of course a real place:

  • It hosted the 2000 Olympics
  • Can be seen a numerous satellite images of earth
  • Several of my friends live there (unless they have been lying to me)
  • Their cricket team will hopefully be losing the Ashes later this year
  • Sydney Opera house is one of the most famous buildings in the world

Plus many more wonderful achievements.

I think Flloyd might have just wanted 10 minutes of internet fame.

Another thing which has picked up recently is the number of people “believing” the earth is flat. This is another conspiracy which has picked up steam in 2016 and 2017 and Professor Brain Cox even did a recent Facebook video ranting about these people.

People realised around 2,000 years ago that the earth is round, so why people in 2016 and 17 still think its flat is beyond me – but I will save this rant for another year

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