A Guide to New Zealand

New Zealand is on a lot of people’s bucket list of places to visit and its quite easy to see why, it has everything to offer for everyone, whether you’re into adventure sports want a relaxing beach break or a city explorer these two islands which make up New Zealand has it all and then some.

Is New Zealand safe to travel?

Yes, unfortunately, your more likely to get pickpockets as a tourist in this country, but relatively speaking its a very safe country to travel too.

What can kill you in New Zealand?

Unlike its neighbour Australia there the country has no animals which can kill you. However, there are a few spiders (the white-tailed spider, redback spider and the katipo spide) which if they bite you will cause you a bit of pain. These are rare but they do exist around the country.

Do you need a visa to travel to New Zealand?

We get a worldwide audience so it’s pretty hard to answer this question, as it depends where you are from.

A New Zealand or Australian citizen does not need a visa to visit. 

If you have a UK citizen or passport holder you can visit for up to 6 months without a via.

New Zealand also has an agreement with a number of other countries on a visa waiver programme and they can stay for up to three months.

For full details on every country, visit the New Zealand Visa page.

How do you get around in New Zealand?

If you want to explore all that New Zealand has to offer you will need to cross water at some point to visit both islands so will either need to use a boat or air transportation.

Other than that, you can hire a motorhome (RV) vehicle and cruise around at your own pace, visiting the parts you want to.

New Zealand also has a train system you can use if you don’t want to hire a car or other transport.

Alternatively, you could hire a bike/hike around the countries. 

There are many ways to explore New Zealand.

Can you get around New Zealand without a car?

Yes, New Zealand has a great train network which would allow you to see the majority of the two islands.

In fact, with a train pass and a bike you can pretty much see the entire two islands without much issue.

Is there public transport in New Zealand?

New Zealand does have both buses and trains as well as a ferry service between the Islands.

Are there trains in New Zealand?

Yes, and if you buy a scenic railcard you can explore both islands (includes ferry pass) at your own pace. It allows for ultimate stops and journeys allowing you to really explore the country.

Does New Zealand have Uber / LYFT?

So the country does have Uber, it does not have lyft. However, it does have Zoomy which is a local New Zealand based ridesharing app. While Uber does cover the majority of the main cities, it’s worth checking on their site if they are in the specific areas you are visiting.

As I always like to promote local services and business please do check out Zoomy when visiting New Zealand.

So now you know how you can get around the country and how safe it is to explore, its just a case of choosing where you’re going to start your adventure and where your heading too. Check out our guides to New Zealand they contain a whole lot of useful information about the different places to visit as well as recommendations on where to stay.

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