Oberammergau Germany

By April 6, 2017

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For anyone visiting the Bavarian Alps the small town of Oberammergau Germany is a must see destination.

Located about 90 km from the Bavarian capital of Munich the town of Oberammergau nestles in the shadow of a huge mountain and is a mecca for tourists.

Of course the town is probably known by most because of the Oberammergau Passion Play and the play has been attracting tourists since the 18th century. First performed in 1634 to ward off the Black Death the play is staged every ten years and is a huge event in Bavaria.

Many of the town’s quaint houses are decorated with Luftlmalerei. These are brightly painted frescoes of Biblical scenes and some of the frescoes date back to 18th century when Seraph Zwinck did some amazing work including the much photographed Pilatushaus in Verlegergasse.

Oberammergau, Germany Linderhof Palace is the smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Another tradition in town is woodcarving. In fact the Pilatushaus is now a crafts centre where tourists can watch the craftsmen producing their goods. There are many shops that sell woodcarvings of all descriptions from religious icons to children’s toys and they do a roaring trade all year round.

Passion Play tourism means that the town of Oberammergau Germany is always thronged with people wandering around its bustling streets and if you are looking for an archetypical Bavarian Alpine town than you must make sure you visit.

A great way to explore the area is by walking and hiking and there are some designated areas of common land where the hiker is free to wander. Suggested routes are available from the local tourist information offices.

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