Visiting Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Wolfeboro is located in New Hampshire, and has waterfront on Lake Winnipesaukee which is the largest lake in the Granite State. Also being in the region know as the White Mountains makes every view astonishing and unique. It’s a little know place tucked away in the mountains of New Hampshire. Wolfeboro offers so much all year round. A must is to take a ride on the Mount Washington. The boat goes on tours around the 71 mi² (183.9 km²) lake. Also the lake offers some of New Hampshire’s best fishing. There are Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Rock Bass, and Rainbow Trout just to name a few. You can even do ice fishing if that’s what you like. 

So back to the mainland. There is plenty to do on land, if you prefer a more solid footing. First there is some delicious food to eat there. Some of the best pizza I have every had, I ate in Wolfeboro. Louis Pizza which is located on Center Street, has the best subs and is tied with Nolan’s for the best pizza in town. If you’re looking for some breakfast you must go to the Wolfeboro Diner. There may be a slight wait to get a table but it’s worth it. Trust me. 


There’s not just food and a lake in Wolfeboro. There is a small mini golf course, if you’re in the mood for a quick 18. However if you want to go big and play on a fantastic golf course you can’t go wrong with Wolfeboro’s very own golf course. There is jet-ski and boat rentals available. As well as diving lessons and diving equipment rentals. There’s plenty of historical sites to see. For instance you can go to the Wright Museum. The Wright Museum sets itself apart from other WW2 museums by also highlighting what life was like back in the States at the time. There are Civil Defense exhibits and interactive exhibits as well. When searching for the Wright Museum look for the brick building with a tank driven through the wall. You literally can not miss it. And to add to the list, Wolfeboro was at one point where you could find the traveling Russian Friendship Bench. It was a sight to see, but it has since moved on it’s way across America. There is usually always something going on in the park, wether it be a festival or a carnival. So when your ready to bring the day to an end there is no where better in Wolfeboro to rest your head than the Wolfeboro Inn. 


Wolfeboro has a lot to offer people of all interests, and is truly a place that has a little bit of something for everyone. The location is next to perfection. The locals are a colorful and more than friendly bunch. It’s also a very clean and inviting atmosphere in this small town. Wolfeboro is a location that must be visited on any New England visit.

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