Mario Kart Just Got Real

By September 5, 2017

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Here at Exploring this Rock, we love nothing more than to cover the latest places to visit and things to do and I think I have just come across the best place to open in 2017.

Who doesn’t love Mario Kart – it was a game that defines our generation, it was a game everyone could play no matter how bad you were and could be played over and over again.

The great news is, Mario Kart just became real. No seriously, a multi-level race track has just open in the US state of Missouri, the bad news is I don’t think they will allow you to dress up as a plumber or throw bananas at your friends.

And they’re opening the second track next to the Niagara Falls, I can’t see it coming to the UK anytime soon, but whos with us and jumping on the next plane to the US.

Heavy Metal High Rise is the new steel and concrete go-kart track reaching over four stories at Track 4 in Branson, Missouri

Now that’s a serious stag-do weekend away, fancy dress as the characters – who’s up for it. Racing around the track at high speeds over four levels and elevated coaster sections – what more do you need from a karting track. You’re lucky if you get two levels in the UK, I wonder if I still get pulled for bumping?

It’s not all great news, there are no upside down track sections yet and you can’t fire missiles at your mates. Now Branson tracks if you’re reading this, adding laser guns onto the cars is the next best thing, we will leave your boffins to work out the logistics and the details but you can thank us later for the idea.

four storey wooden track

At the Missouri headquarters there are other tracks if that doesn’t take your fancy, there is a four-storey wooden track with a full spiral and two mini spirals, more of a self-drive rollercoaster than a racing track, a converted mini golf course track with two spirals and a more traditional concrete track with banked curves and elevation changes, so you can race your own miniature Formula One race against your pals.

The new track at Niagara Falls is not due to be open until spring of 2018, but that leaves you plenty of time to practice. It will be known as Niagara Speedway and will be the largest attraction of its kind in the whole of North America.

That’s the trip booked for 2018 – if you are thinking of going to either Niagara there is so much to do, check out these useful guides.

To find out more information about Branson Tracks or to book it, visit their website here.

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