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By September 24, 2017

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I live in Normandy, Thies, Senegal. Normandy is a small town in Thies with a lot to learn and understand. From the feeding habit and fashion sense to health, Thies remain an enjoyable town. In Senegal, Thies is the third biggest city. It has a population size of 320,000 people according to the 2005 census. Thies is at the junction of railway lines to St-Louis, Bamako, and Dakar. This great city is only seventy-two-kilo meters on the eastern part of Dakar.

Facts About Thies:

The Thies Plateau remains a wooded border between Baol and Cayor. The early occupants of the city are the Serer-Noon before colonization. Today, Thies-Noon has become the traditional sub-region of the Serer-Noon people. The sub-group that occupied the town for decades speaks one of the Cangin languages.

When the French started its extension programs, the Thies Plateau received. In 1864, a military center emanates around the Thies suburb. This is a home to one of the best military centers across the country. Before creating any post, the military of Senegal has noted the advancement of the city.


The tapestry-making trade has become a staple for the people of Thies. This industry came into existence in 1966 as an extensive factory. In the tapestry-making industry, you’ll discover artworks created by major artists in Senegal. If you know the popular Birds of Paradise tapestry, then Thies is not far from your memory. The town has the University of Thies and small polytechnic school.

Thies remains the transportation center of a productive region with fruits and millets. Thies is also a major meat-packing and livestock-trading hub. Alumina phosphate deposits, repair shops, and rail yards are common to the town of Thies. Even at the close suburbs of Taiba and Palo Dial, people work on alumina phosphate deposits.

As a simple extension of the Cap-Vert Peninsula, the town is growing. The government has plans to link Thies to Dakar by commuter train and highway soon. This is because the city remains attractive to both local and international investors.

Attractions In Thies:

The crafts village and a museum are available for both visitors and locals.


THIES, SENEGAL - Rickshaw driver , resting in the shade in a village street Saly

THIES, SENEGAL – Rickshaw driver , resting in the shade in a village street Saly

On the Dakar-Saint Louis line, you will discover a simple rail stop called escale. The completion of the project occurs in 1885. In 1906 to 1923, the town linked to the rail line junction of the Dakar-Niger route. After World War II, the national network of roads emerged on Thies. Both the N2 and N3 road meet in Thies. The meeting of the N2 and N3 road made movement easier for people moving to the Cap-Vert Peninsula.

Migrant laborers and commercialism entered the town due to the functioning of railways. This includes the Bambara people from Mali and the eastern part of the nation. In the emergence of the nation’s labor movement, rail workers remain a huge impact.


In Thies, you will enjoy the impact of …cole FranÁaise Docteur RenÈ Guillet. This is a French international school where people can earn a quality education in the town. The biggest school in the town is Malick Sy high school. Most politicians who have emerged in serving the nation held†from Malick Sy high school.

The Best Hotels In Thies:

1. Villa Chez Pape Fall

2. HÙtel Massa Massa

3. Le Fouta-Djalon

4. Campement D’emanaye

Best Places To Visit In Thies:

Visitors will find a lot of things by coming to Thies. From cultural attractions to historical centers, Thies has amazing places for you. Below are some beautiful places to be while in Thies:

1. Promenade Des Thiessois

2. Chambre De Commerce, D’industrie Et D’agriculture De Thies

3. Ufr SantÈ, UniversitÈ De ThiËs

4. Vegetaux D’ailleurs International

5. MonastËre De Keur Moussa

Best Bars And Restaurants In Thies:

1. Les DÈlices

2. Sam’s Restaurant


Thies is one of the best towns that you must try and see while visiting Senegal. Apart from the amazing hospitality of the people, you will be happy with singing birds at night. The infrastructures in Thies are not in bad when compared to other towns or cities in Senegal. There good internet network service providers to help you explore the World Wide Web. The transportation fare in Thies is lower compared to the likes of Dakar and other cities. Even rentals are not expensive from the normal rate.

Nearby cities such as Mbour is within a driving distance to Thies. While the majority of people in Thies are Muslims, some still share the Christian faith. The Muslims in Thies are of different factions due to their beliefs. Above all, both Christians, pagans, and Muslims live in peace. The official language in Senegal with Thies inclusive is Wolof. French is the international language of the nation, but only a few speak it. Millet is a staple food for most homes in Thies. The weekly celebration is not out of the people living here. Give Thies a visit today and discover the excitement it brings.

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