Lets meet Venezuela – an awesome tropical country

By February 18, 2017

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pushpin marking on Venezuela map

Located on the north point of South America, with its borders between Colombia and Brazil, Venezuela is probably one of the most interesting countries of the whole continent. Maybe it could look like a small country, but Venezuela is, in fact, one of those countries with lots of interesting things to offer to any tourist from all around the world. Let’s start by talking about some points of interest of this amazing country and also a places to go in Venezuela.



We are sure that every person who listen to the word Venezuela, think first of OIL. And the truth is that this is one of the most important countries on this matter. Venezuela is one of the richest countries because of its big oil reserves, which are in fact one of the bigger ones in the whole world. And if you visit any city far from Caracas (which is the capital city of this country), you will notice immediately. Every road is filled with oil plants and oil companies. Even if this not beautiful or even attractive, sure it looks impressive for people who is not used to those kinds of landscapes.

Tree in a beach of Los Roques, Venezuela

On the other hand, Venezuela is also filled with very attractive tropical places and wonderful and unique places. If you go to Bolivar state, near the border with Brazil, you will be able to see the Orinoco river, one of the biggest rivers of the whole world. It is recommended to take some precautions while visiting tropical places. As you may know, mosquitoes could be dangerous and the cause of many diseases as yellow fever. You should go and take some vaccine before visiting selvatic places.

View of the river and the waterfall in Jasper Canyon - Gran Sabana, Venezuela, South America

Disney UP

On the same state, there is located La Gran Sabana, an incredible place which in fact have the biggest waterfalls in the whole world. This is one of the most famous places in the country, and it has been the inspiration for Hollywood movies like the animated one, UP.

Up disney film

Venezuela is also one of those countries in which you will be able to find landscapes for the four climatic seasons like winter, autumn, summer and spring, even when the country just have two stations, which are rain and sunny days. Let’s explain this better:

Beautiful church in Venezuela


Another of the places to go in Venezuela is Mérida, on the western border with Colombia, you will be able to meet El Paramo, a place very similar in some ways to Sweden, with beautiful houses and little snowy seasons. One of those places which are very beautiful and hard to forget. But if you go to Apure, then you will have very sunny days, and landscapes filled with cows and farms, where the heat is very hard to beat. If you go to Aragua, you will meet a cold town filled with Germanic people called La Colonia Tovar. One of the most beautiful places in the country, with many squares and a beautiful church, not far away from the capital city. Even when this is a very cold town, you will never see a single piece of snow on it.

Chuao island

On the other hand, you can also find very beautiful beach paradises as Chuao island, an outstanding beach with an old town which seems to be lost for centuries, where people make the best chocolate from the entire world.

Venezuela has also an island called Margarita, near of Aruba and Curacao, with some beautiful beaches and spots to party hard, like if you were in Miami or similar cities. Another well-known island in Venezuela is Morrocoy. A place which is only reachable by plane, which is in fact surrounded by white sand and the most beautiful beaches in the whole country.

Panoramic image of Caracas and the Avila mountain

Bit if we are going to talk about Caracas, the capital city and born place of Simon Bolivar, the person who liberated the country some centuries ago, we should consider a lot of things. Caracas has a lot of beautiful museums, and incredible squares, but also is surrounded by huge towns similar to Brazilian favelas, which are in fact very dangerous places, especially for foreign people. The crime rate in Caracas is currently one of the highest ones in the whole world, so you need to be careful.

Of course, there are a lot of beautiful places in the capital city of Caracas, and a lot of spots to spend the night and party hard. But if you are looking to meet the country, we recommend you to visit one of the places we have mentioned before. A lot of people must be informed about the current political situation of the country, so it would not be a good idea to visit the capital city on these days, which is, in fact, the centre of all this situation.

There is a metro on the capital city which passes through almost all places in Caracas, so it is not too hard to meet the best places in the city if you have short tourism time. The other city which has a metro transportation system is Valencia. These two cities are the only ones with this service in the whole country.

Hotels in Venezuela

On the east side of the country, you will meet the state of Falcon. One of the most interesting things in this place is Los Medanos de Coro, a place full of desert sands which are always changing because of the wind. The whole place looks different every day. And there is also a place where you can see Aruba just standing on the beach and looking to the horizon.

Venezuela is a really beautiful place. You can always find interesting things in this country. If you are planning to visit it, we strongly recommend you to have a good tour guide, in order to avoid any inconvenience. Try to visit all places you can, and avoid any dangerous places we have mentioned in this article. Hope this information could be useful for you, which are always thinking about living a new experience.

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