Jimmy Kimmel Asked Americans To Name Any Country On A Map And They Failed Miserably

By July 24, 2018

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How well do you know your countries? I think I could correctly name about 50 for on a blank map, I wouldn’t get them mixed up with continents.

Jimmy Kimmel, asked America’s that same question with a blank map and the results we’re well surprising.

In a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, a crew was on onto the streets to test America’s geographical knowledge.

One Simple question “Name any country on the map”.

The results lets say we’re shocking.

Introducing the segment, Kimmel explained: “The president is overseas. He’s visiting Belgium, England, Scotland and then his pal Putin in Finland.

“It’s a big trip with many important ramifications. It’s imperative that America has strong relationships with and knowledge about people in other lands, and that responsibility extends to all of us – not just the president – so we came up with a test.”

Each person was given a pointing stick and told to name any country on the map – simple. Like I said I think I could easily name 50.

jimmy kimmel

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel

jimmy kimmel

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel

Several people actually named Africa as a country, worse when one woman was asked if she could name a country in Africa, her response was “God, no. Who Knows stuff like that?”. I guess most people who like to travel.

A man was braver though and attempted a guess, and went for South Africa, but still couldn’t locate it on a map (there is a big clue in the name).

He thought South Africa was in the north of the continent.

In our opinion he wasn’t the worse, one college graduate couldn’t even successfully name a single country on the map. She pointed to Australia and said that was Europe.

Don’t worry though, there was one decent attempt. A young kid who actually real of several countries including Mexico, the United States, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand AND Papa New Guinea.

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel

It’s a shame it cuts off when it does, as I reckon he could have carried on for quite a while.

Clearly as impressed as we were, Kimmel said: “Well, if you didn’t believe that children are out future before, now you do.”

How well do you think you would have done?

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