Great food to cook over a open fire

By June 10, 2017

If you’re going camping then there isn’t anything better than setting a campfire and cooking your dinner over the ambers.

We have got some great snacks for you to cook the next time you go camping. If you need some recipes to try on your cooker while camping, check out these amazing 27 recipes to use on your next camping trip.

But these are snacks you can cook on a campfire the next time you are camping.



Very simple to do:

Add olive oil to mess tin, add popcorn seeds and cover with tin foil. You need to leave a lot of room in their so don’t wrap the tin foil flat with the top of the mess tin – leave quite a bit of room.

Leave for around 10 minutes or until you can hear the popcorn popping.

Take out and add your flavouring. Easiest is to make it sweet.

Add a little bit of melted butter (can use olive oil) onto the popcorn and add sugar.

Now it’s ready to eat.

Grape Fluff

grape fluff

Yeah, I couldn’t think of a better name than Grape Fluff. It might not sound amazing, but it’s so simple.

You need a couple of grapes and a tub of fluff which you can get from all major supermarkets.

Using either hazel or skewers, skewer two grapes near to the top, cover them in fluff (please be warned this stuff is very sticky) and then slowly rotate over a fire until it goes golden brown.

That’s is – now they are ready to eat.

These taste amazing.

Cholocate Smores

chocolate Smores

Again these are very simple and quick to make.

You need a smallish marshmallow – if it’s too big it won’t work so cut it in half.

Skewer this again and roast over the fire till its very soft.

Take it away from the fire and using two chocolate biscuits (collocate facing the marshmallow) put them on each side of the marshmallow. As you pull the skewer out the marshmallow, the chocolate will melt and you will have a tasty little snack.

Cheese Nacho’s

Who doesn’t love nachos, yep I can’t think of a single person and it’s so easy to make over a campfire.

Take a large sheet of tin foil and fold in half.

Take a piece of greaseproof paper and fold into a square and place in the middle of the tin foil.

Then add a layer of cheese

Then add nacho’s

If like me you like really cheese nacho’s add another layer of cheese but this isn’t necessary.

Then you need to fold each corner of the tin foil upwards and bring together, but leaving a little chimney/volcano at the top.

Add to the campfire and wait till you see steam coming out of the funnel.

They are ready, take off the fire and unwrap the tin foil.

Then flip them upside down and they are ready to eat.


What’re your favourite snacks to cover over an open fire when camping?



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