My four days in Seattle

By September 1, 2017

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So after my amazing train ride from Portland to Seattle, I arrived in Seattle an hour or so later than planned.

Just like an airport, your bags are delivered on a carousel, its doesn’t take long for them to arrive, which is great. Once outside we got uber and headed straight to our hotel – Olive 8. It’s one of my favourite hotels in the world. Defiantly in the top 10, I have stayed in.
Once checked in I headed downstairs to meet one of my good friends and his wife whom I have never met before. So we had a few drinks before hitting the hay. The next three days was a lot a conference before I headed to Vancouver.

I have been to Seattle twice before and the previous times I had done a lot of sight-seeing and tourist things.


Seattle has a wide range of Sports teams and some very successful ones as well. I tried to get tickets to watch the Seahawks play but it was opening weekend and the tickets were very expensive, so instead I headed to a local bar to watch it like a local. I had watched quite a bit of NFL in the UK but still didn’t know all the rules – so got chatting to a local and over a few pints we hit it off and now I know a lot more about NFL – I wouldn’t call myself an expert but I defiantly know a lot more.

The reason I chose this bar was the previous day I had been in the previous day and watched Liverpool beat Chelsea and that is always a good day for me. It was a good typical America sports bar with multiple screens showing a whole variety of sports.


Seattle Mariner Baseball ground before game

Seattle Mariner Baseball ground before game

The first time, I went to Seattle I wanted to experience some American live sports and managed to get some Seattle Mariners tickets – it’s pretty easy to get hold of them for a relativity cheap price (think I paid $30 and I didn’t even go for the cheapest tickets). As a  Brit I had seen enough American movies whereby someone walks around shouting “hot dogs” and I was quite looking forward to this.

However, the guy came around first with beers and then he became my best friend, in the UK you can’t watch many sports and have a beer in the stands (especially Football) so was nice to be able to sit in the lovely sun.

having a beer at the Baseball ground in Seattle

having a beer at the Baseball ground in Seattle

I would highly recommend it and will be back the next time I visit. The stadium is next to the NFL Stadium and is fairly easy to get too. I tended to walk down there – but there is plenty of public transport.

Football / Soccer

What ever you want to call it, Seattle has one of the best teams in the country. I haven’t been but plan on next year as been told their fans are the most like European teams with their passions and knowledge of the sport. They were on this year when I was there but clashed with a big networking event which I love.


If sports aren’t your things or you go at the wrong time of the year and there is no sports on then there are plenty of tours. I am only going to cover the tours I have done, but there are more which I want to experience.

Underground tour

I did this on my second visit to the city and loved it. It’s a walking tour of the underground history of the city – it takes about an hour maybe an hour and half but I learnt so much history in that time.

How the city was rebuilt after a major fire and why the underground exists.

This tour was relatively cheap – probably $20 or something – I can’t remember it being pricey.

In fact, there are two near enough on top of each other, the one I did you start in a basement of a bit of gothic museum type place, a museum might be a stretch but it has some weird and unusual items.

Duck Boat Tour

This I did on the off chance – I went to see the Needle and just had something to eat and saw one of these vehicles go by and it looked fun and I try and live by the motto – you only live once and try new things, so I jumped in the queue and paid for a ticket. Again wasn’t too bad priced – maybe $30-$40.

It was one of the most enjoyable tours I have ever done. As well as being fun and education, it takes you onto the main lake and you can watch sea planes taking off.

For more information on the tour visit the Duck Boat Tour website.

Out of the two tours, if I had to pick one, the Duck one is much more fun but the Underground tour is more educational. If I had to do one again it would the boat tour.

view from the Duck Boat tour on Lake Union

view from the Duck Boat tour on the Lake Union

Places to Visit:

Space Needle

View from Seattle from the top of the Space Needle during the day

View from Seattle from the top of the Space Needle during the day

I have done this twice. Once during the day and once at Night. To book the Needle or to find out more information visit their site.

When it opened it was the tallest building in Seattle, but that’s not the case anymore – but it still offers some amazing views and you can buy a ticket allowing you to visit twice in one day (day and night ticket) but I went on two separate occasions.

You can see much of the city from the top and is well worth doing – actually it’s a must see and if you are a geek like me, you can even purchase the Space Needle Lego set.  Don’t just take our word for it, check out other peoples reviews of Seattle Space Needle. 

Night view from the top of the Space Needle

Night view from the top of the Space Needle

While this is a relatively short list of things to do, these are what I have done – there is plenty to see and do in Seattle.

After my four nights in Seattle, I am heading to Canada a country I have never been to but is basically next to Seattle. I thought I had booked a train ticket from Seattle to Vancouver on the Amtrak app – however when I got to the train station, found out it was a coach, so was very disappointed. In fact, I wasn’t the only person who made this mistake. For reference, there are only two trains a day. One early in the morning and the other late at night. The rest are coaches.

Onto Canada.

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