Free Things to do in Ravda

So you’re heading to Ravda then you’re going to want to read this, but before you go you may want to research what you can do when you get there.

The good news is there is plenty to do; especially if you are there in peak season.


If you have read the article I linked to above, you will know the first thing you should do is to  find the beach at the top of Ravda.  As well as having a lovely bar and restaurant on the beach, then there is loads of water sports on offer which all the family can enjoy.

Swimming in the sea

This is off course free, however the beach is split into two sections.  A paid for section where you can hire a sun umbrella and lounger for a little fee or the other side of the peer there is a free beach.

The sea is very clean and you can walk to about seven metres out. After that it gets very deep very fast so be careful. On a good day you can actually see dolphins swimming in the sea.

Beach Volleyball

Who doesn’t love a game of volleyball?  Well the good news is that on the same beach you can always have a game.

There are plenty of other activities available at the beach.  There are fees for all these but they are usually very cheap and great value for money.  Choose from:


These are pretty cool and can come with a slide to allow the kids to slide down and splash into the sea. These are pretty cheap to hire for 30 minutes or an hour.

There is a zone where you get to relax and stay out of the way of swimmers and other people using the sea.

Jet Ski’s

Yep, they have them here.  Unfortunately, because I visited the week before peak they weren’t open so I had to head into Sunny Beach to have a go, but they are so much fun. They don’t really know about health and safety etc and said I could take my four year old on as well if I wanted to.

This was actually the most expensive thing I paid for during the entire holiday, about £45 for 25 minutes.

Banana Boats / Speed boats

There are quite a few other activities you can do, the best thing to do is head down to the beach when you get into Ravda and have a look.

Old Ship Wreck

This is on the second best beach on Ravda, the first one being the beach I mentioned above.

This beach is much better for swimming on, it has no water sports and is in a cove, the beach is very small but free. The water isn’t very deep at all and you can walk pretty far out.

There is an old ship wreck about five metres out.  It’s been there for about 15 years the locals we’re saying. It used to be an amazing climbing frame for the kids and adults to explore, but now it’s just rusting away and is too dangerous to climb on.

I’d still recommend a visit as it’s still interesting to see a shipwreck up close and to get some amazing photo’s but that’s about it.

If you walk along this beach away from the main square in Ravda you will hit another restaurant and bar on the beach. While this one is much nicer and more modern compared to the one the best beach in Ravda its very much aimed at the English.

In all there are about seven beaches in Ravda, but these are probably the two you want to stick too.


Near the fountains on the main road there is a park for kids to play on.  It has everything you would expect including swings, slide, climbing frame.

Its free to use and there are a few nice cafes around to get a drink while the kids are playing.

Old Nessebar

To get to Nessebar is pretty simple, just jump on a bus.  I talked about my experience in the above article, but it’s so cheap and close its about 10 minutes away and will cost you about 85p to get there.  It can get very busy so if you have young kids and are going in peak season it might be worth speaking with a taxi driver.

The town itself is a cross between York with its beautiful historical buildings and Whitby being next to the sea.  It is a beautiful place to visit with so many different fish restaurants to try.

It’s more commercialised than Ravda but well worth the visit and has plenty to see and do. Plus the town was added to the list of World Heritage sites in 1983.

You can easily spend half a day or more exploring this wonderful town.

Sunny Beach

This is the next town up and is worth exploring, again it costs just 85p to get there – but this place is the complete opposite of Old Nessebar. Its Blackpool abroad.

It’s full of stag and hen dos and knock off shops selling fake clothing. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty to see and do here, but everything is aimed at the English and that’s not what I like when I go abroad.

I like to experience the local cultures and try their food, however I can see why some people prefer these types of resorts, you get the comforts of home but guaranteed sun.

There is a great beach here and you can do all the same water sports as you can in Ravda, the only downside is because it’s a lot more commercialised, it’s a bit more expensive. Jet Skiing here was about 30 lev more expensive than in Ravda.

Again they have a free and paid for sections on their beach but they are clearly marked.

Blue Mountains

Ravda is not just sun and see, its surrounded by wonderful mountains – you can see them as you’re coming into land at Burgas airport.

While the mountain range and national park is free to explore, you are going to need a car to get there. It’s less than a two hour drive to get there, but there are some stunning walks and climbs to do, so many that they deserve their own article.           

As you can see there is plenty to see and do in Ravda which is free. However Ravda has so much more to offer.  You can visit the only city which is on two continents, horse riding, jeep Safari and so much more. As you can image none of these are free. If you are interested in finding out more about these then head over to the best things to do in Ravda.

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