Visiting the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe and is landlocked. To the north west and west is Germany and Poland to the north-east. The largest city in the country is Prague, which is also the Capital and has roughly 1.3 million residents.

If you are going to visit the Czech Republic, then there are three places that are a must:


The city is the fourteenth largest in the whole of the European union, so there is plenty to do. The city is located on Vitava River in the north west of the country. The weather is similar to that in Britain, warm summers and cold winters.

What to do in Prague?


The Czechs regard their locally produced beer, as the best in the world, so the most important question, if in Prague and want a drink which is the best beer to drink. Simple question, not so simple answer. The most popular in terms of sales would make Gambrinus as the answer, but there are a couple of other beers which claim to be the best.

In 2008, Kozel’s Medium pale larger won a national award for its beer. However if you speak with the locals, they would say that the Pilsner Urquell is the best, due to the water quality in Pilsner. Our advice, try all three and you tell us below or on our survey.

Be romantic:

Prague with all its Barogue church bells and the amazing architecture makes this one romantic city. This makes the place the ideal place to ask the all important question or tie the knot. If you want to as ask the all important question and don’t want the usual clique of Paris then this has to be the place.

Jump off a bridge:

If you are the person who likes a thrill and are visiting Prague between June and September then how about jumping off the Zvikovshe podhradi. A bridge over the Vitava valley. However be expected to pay around 1,000 Kč per jump. For more info visit and be sure to book in advance.

Dine in style:

So after all the drinking, being romantic and excitement of jumping off a bridge, its got to be time to eat. A few years ago had you visited Prague, then you would have probably eaten dumplings and sauerkraut. However now there is even a Michelin Star restaurant. Allegro has some wonderful meals on offer and is a must visit if you are staying in Prague.


Ever fancied shooting some high powerful weapons, then this is a must. All the instructors all speak English and your safety is priority. Booking is very easy and a small deposit is required but the rest can be paid on the day. For more information visit:

Prague Zoo:

If you have young kids with you or have a few hours to spare then the zoo is a great way to spend a few hours. For more details of the Zoo, visit:

Great Photo’s and Exercise:

If you are after some great exercise and take some great photos of this wonderful city then Petrin Tower – With a viewing platform on top with 360 degree views of Prague.


The law gets around the prostitution law, and Prague is getting a good reputation for its sex trade. It’s now one of the up and coming places to go on stag and hen dos. If you are here on a Stag do and fancy doing something a bit different how about a river boat cruise, with your own private dancers. The trip is around 1.5 to 2 hours long, and there must be 6 of you, but its one way to make sure the stag never forgets the trip.


Brno is Czechs second largest city, by both population and area. The city itself is over 1,000 years old. The city’s Masaryk Circuit was built in the 1930s and hosts motorbike and other races. There isn’t a lot to do in Brno, but is definitely worth a trip for a few days if your passing through Czech Republic. Getting to Brno by train is very easy. The city is an important stop on Prague–Bratislava–Budapest and Prague–Vienna railway line. The city does have an airport and while it might be small its well serviced from all over Europe. The airport is about a 30 minute bus ride away and run most of the day. Tickets are reasonable and can be bought before boarding the bus.

Things to do in Brno:

Visiting a Brewery:

As mentioned with Prague, the Czechs love their beer and its no different in Brno, so a visit to the local brewery is a must. Starobrno is a bit of a trek out of the city centre, but its worth it.

Spilberk Castle

The castle dominates the cityscape. It was built in the 13th Century and has been used both as a military fortress and as a prison over the years. However these days it’s a tourist attraction and has the city Museum inside. A must visit if your travelling through the city.

Cabbage Market:

Fancy seeing the local market and buying fresh fruit and veg, then a trip to the Cabbage market is the place to go. A lane leads opposite the Capuchin monastery into the sloping square of the Cabbage market.

Going Underground:

The city opened its first underground in 2011 allowing tourist and locals the passages of the medieval city. More of the passages will be opened up over the coming years and the current tour takes around 40 minutes. The tours leaves every hour so long as the minimum number of people have been met. More information can be found at:

Cesky Krumlov

Is a small town in the southwest part of the Czech Republic. The town is surrounded by rolling hills and the Vltava River. The town was formed around 1250 and built around the castle. In the summer there is plenty of hiking and biking trials and in the winter plenty of cross skiing opportunities. Getting here is possible by Air, with three airports to chose from including Prague. If you fly into Prague, its about 45 minutes on the train or you could always take the bus. Other airports you could fly into are, Prague Ruzyne Airport (108 mi away) or the Linz-Horsching Airport in Austria (42 mi away).

What to do in Cesky Krumlov?

Visit the castle:

No trip to this town is complete without visiting this stunning castle complex. Entry to the castle and its grounds, gardens and fort buildings is free, but for a few dollars you can have a guided tour. Don’t forget to check out the bears in the moats.

The old town:

Walking around the old town you will find several great galleries and museums. Whether you want to see Cesky Krumlov through the artist’s pictures at the Egon Schiele Gallery.


For three days in mid June, the city is transform into a renaissance town once again. The festival is on day and night, and you will be treated to , dances, daredevil performances, concerts, duels, theatrical performances and the usual arts and crafts, medieval fest and so much more. A must visit if you are Cesky Krumlov in June.


Czech Republic is a great country to visit, the country currency is the Czech koruna. While we have looked at these three great places to visit there is so much more to see, so whether you are back packing across Europe, going on a family holiday or stag do, make sure you visit the Czech Republic.

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