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By February 19, 2017

Those of you who are old enough to remember, mobiles phones didn’t need charging 3 times a day and would last about 5 days between charges, while they didn’t have all the features of modern day smartphones – they did allow you to call and text.

Emergency Phone

Well, these are making a comeback not as people’s main phone but as a backup emergency phone.

nokia 3310

They won’t allow you to posts photos of your dinner ton Instagram, update all your friends about your lovely walk in the WhatsApp group or post annoy all your friends with Facebook posts about your wonderful holiday – but they will allow you to call for help in an emergency, or if  like me your mum wants a phone call while at a festival it will allow you to make that call home without any worry of the battery dying.

Nokia 3310

Nokia also announced last week that they are bringing back an old favourite the 3310 for just £50 – not a bad price for an emergency phone, plus you can play snake (for those of you under 20, this was the game to play on your phone, I passed hours away playing on this as a teenager). These can be purchased from Amazon.

Apparently, it’s going to be a brand new phone and design – I am looking forward to it being released.

If you plan on going on any camping trip or hiking adventure we would highly recommend you getting one of these, you will probably never need it, but always better to be safe than sorry.

As these phones don’t have the internet (hence why they can last for several days without charge), you will won’t be able to google for the emergency contact details.

If it’s an emergency you should call 999 and ask for the mountain rescue.

These could include, the campsite you’re staying at, local tourist centre, your parent’s numbers etc.

There are other types of phones which make a good emergency phone, basically, you’re looking at any phone which doesn’t have the internet and isn’t a smartphone, for a full range and the best deals click here.




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