Eleven top things to do in Lima

By October 6, 2018

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Lima, the Capital of Peru is one of the must-visit places, its quickly getting a reputation as a city which offers everyone with something to see and do for everyone.

We have done the research and found the top things to do across this wonderful city.


Pyramid’s in Lima

Besides Cairo, this is probably the second city in the world where ancient architectural wonders are a great deal of experience.

A visit to the pyramid Huaca Pucillana is must visit for an experience of the rich history of the 500 Ad.

It’s widely believed that the pyramid served as a religious and sacred center and was used by religious leaders who exercised control of the valleys during that period in history.

The pyramid is built seven layers upward and it’s conveniently located near the cliffs of the Costa Verdes.

Plaza mayor

The square has experienced a great deal of rumbles but its resilience is with no doubt for a reason. The square is one of the most logical places to visit, with a historical sense. It hosts the president place, where independence was first declared, the archbishop palace, and notably of all these, is the bronze cathedral, which withstood the 16th century earthquake.

Panoramic view of Lima main square and cathedral church.

The square is an official UNESCO world heritage site. Besides the architectural fascination of the square’s buildings, guests are also treated to the scenery of guards changing shifts in the afternoons at the presidential palace. 

The Larco Museum

The museum features the signature erotic art of ancient Peruvian cultures. The arts are an exceptional experience for adventures travellers.

Besides, there is a record over 40000 antiques and collections of fine arts in the museum. These include gold and silver sculptures and antiques, that makes guests travel over five thousand years deep into the city and region history.

The museum is open on weekdays during normal workings hours and provides guided tours in Spanish and English on select days.

In addition, guests can also visit the national Museum of archaeology, history and anthropology.

Natural reserves

The city of Lima has several reserves and therefore wildlife curious travellers can indulge in animal sightseeing. Travellers do not have to travel far to see natural vegetation and several wild animals.

Some of the closest natural reserves are the Lomas, Azpitia and the Marcahuasi plateu. In addition, to animal sightseeing, the reserves have very beautiful lagoons for additional waterworks recreation activities.

Strolling in the wild of these reserves with the help of package tour and travel operators offers a great opportunity to experience nature at its best. The reserves also offer perfect camping grounds for night sky lovers.

Other activities that travellers can engage in while at the reserves include trekking, rock climbing, water rafting and various lagoons activities.

Some of the animals that are inevitable to see in the reserves are the jaguar, an endangered species, the spectacled bear and some rare species of monkey called the yellow –tailed monkey.

A visit to the southern beaches

There are several beaches in the city of Lima, noting that the town forms a contiguous connection with the town of Callao. The Beaches have been nominated one of the in the pacific oceans, the largest water mass on earth for several years in a row.

Some of the prominent beaches in the south of Lima are San Bartolo Beach, playa costa Verde, and Playa pulpos. Others include playa caballeros, Naplo and playa Kon-TIki.

At the beaches guests can indulge in a number of outdoor activities such as swimming, sand bathing, and sun basking, as well as several beach related sports and activities. Some of the activities include kayaking, snorkeling, boat rides, fishing, and deep sea diving. In addition, guests can indulge in sports activities such as volleyball, netball or play group games.

There are several sea activities to take part in, and a number of sea animals that guests can see.

Paraglides in Miraflores

LIMA, PERU- Paraglides in Miraflores.

There is paragliding and then there is paragliding in the miraflores, as someone who has done this in quite a few places around the world, this one really does stand out for the beauty and the views. 

The views alone are worth visiting Lima and just doing the paragliding experience. This would be my number one reason to visit the city.

The Mira flores

Beautiful mosaic walls and art in el parque del Amor (love park) with views of the ocean and City, Lima. May 10 2016 Miraflores, Lima Peru

The beautiful beach front is located in the coastline and is a must see after a busy beach day. The beachfront features classic hotels, restaurants and fashionable pubs.

It’s is among the best places to stay for tourists as it provides a vivid sea view, is secure and has among the best of atmospheric sea condition.

The beach front also features state of the art building and is conveniently located near several shopping malls. It is a plus visit place for a great shopping experience, especially because it has several convenient stores whereby tourists can buy souvenirs.

At Mira Flores guests get to enjoy rich and petite cuisines and fancy drinks and refreshments. In addition, guests can relax in the evening listening to sensual music from the several bands and pubs while enjoying tango dance and neo modern songs and dances.

The walkway at Mira Flores is filled with parks, stare cases, sculptures and is thus a lifetime experience.

Circuito Magico Del Agua

It’s is the most fantastic of waterworks park in the city. It is basically fabulous to see and very entertaining.

The park has a dedicated kid’s play center, which makes it a perfect recreation park for family reunions. The kid’s park is packaged with snack stalls to enrich the children experience. There are also rides for the kids.

The park has multiple water fountains that serve to enrich the place appeal. There is every good fountain every distance. In addition, there is an art gallery just at the center of the park as well as splash fountain with change rooms where guests can cool off.

The waters and the lights together illuminate the place to become like a perfect Disneyland.


Convento de San Francisco or Saint Francis Monastery, Lima, Peru

The monastery features an ancient cathedral of mediaeval ages. There is a rich history beside the place, and its uniqueness is not only based on the catocombs, of over 7000 people but also the fascinating history behind the monastery.

Its equivalent is only present in Paris.

The catocombs are preserved in a cool place. Photo taking is however not allowed as many other cathedrals in the world. There is also a huge collection of ancient antique texts that compliments guests visit in the cathedral library.

They also have a Small Square outside that facilitates bird watching as well as people seeing as well. In addition, the view of the church alter from the catacombs is spectacular.


Lima, Peru-Torre tagle and Santo Domingo church panoramic view

The incredible piece of architecture in downtown Lima boasts of a blend of architectural heritage. There is a signature of several cultural materials and designs evident in the building ranging from Spanish, Moorish, Asian to Criollo Features.

The palace dates back to the 16th centuries. It was a home for a noble Spanish man who served as the treasurer for the Royal Spanish Fleet.

While it is very beautiful scenery, the house is not open for public visit, only for sightseeing, as it hosts the Peruvian ministry of home affairs.

However, there is no reason that would prevent tourists from having a gaze at this mediaeval architectural wonder and probably take a few snaps for some memory.

In addition, guests can visit the Lima cathedral which was has signature designs and foundations as early as 1535.The cathedral is located at Historic Lima.

Relax at hotels and resorts in the city

LIMA, PERU- Aerial view of builds and golf club in La Molina district.

Lima, being a business hub, hosts several top-notch hotel facilities, sporting clubs, casinos and golf clubs.

The hotels serve transnational cuisines and wines for a great food experience. Lima hotels and pubs are renowned for friendly and welcoming attendant as well as serving fancy wines collected by world best connoisseurs.

If Lima is a city you want to explore, why not check out some interesting facts about the city.

Obviously, if you are heading to Peru, you are going to need somewhere to stay – don’t worry we have done the research and found the best hotels in Lima for you to stay in.

If money is tight, why not check out the top free things to do in the city, even if you do quite a lot of the above list, this should help you stretch your budget a little further.

Don’t forget to check out the top hotels in Lima, which covers all budgets.

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