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By February 3, 2018

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Kenya Mombasa seaside

Would you wish to travel in Kenya like a local? Well, it is no doubt a beautiful state. One of the best astonishing destinations to visit is Mombasa city. The place is endowed with the breathtaking and magical scenery. The urban part is in the South Eastern part of Kenya bordering the fantastic Indian ocean.

As the country second largest city, it is made up of different faces, important seaports, airport, and variety of tourist attractions. Is the place spectacular? Well, you will instantly fall in love. If you are planning on visiting this city, plan ahead and stay for a while, as a few days are not enough due to see all the places and exciting things the city has to offer.

The city is rich in culture and has appealing weather. If you are going travelling in 2018, why not check out the best gadgets for travelling. Nairobi is Kenya capital and has a lot to offer also – if you are heading to Kenya why not visit both cities.


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By plane

There is an international airport in Mombasa which management has recently renovated. The city airport has increased frequency of flights in and out from European cities. Kenya Airways which is the dominant airline offers the most options for travelling to and from the town. 

By train

The town is accessible by train with two departures daily to each location. The newly Madaraka-express manage and determines daily rates. The new connection is much faster, cheaper and efficient.

There is no online booking yet, but you can buy tickets at the train station or use the mobile number +254709388888. The first class currently cost $30 and second class $7. You are therefore advised to book early during peak seasons or holidays.

By bus

This mode of transport is not standard within the city but mostly used for travelling outside the city. The primary provider is minibusses consisting of fourteen passengers and quite popular with the residents.

You can also travel using auto rickshaws which are three-wheeled private taxis.The rickshaws are used when moving around the city. Ideally, you use them for distances below 20kilometers. The one significant advantage of using this mode is that it allows you to take in the scenery.

Best Places To Visit

Since the city has several attraction sites, views and diverse culture you should then keep the following places as your primary destination. Below are some of the best areas that will create best of memories.

Fort Jesus

Entrance of the historic Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya

Located at Nkrumah road in Mombasa CBD, Fort Jesus is one of the leading tourist attraction. The place is a UNESCO world heritage site. The fantastic location immediately ushers you into the history as you explore the massive fort. Built by the Portuguese in 1593-1596, it is designed by Milanese architect Giovanni Cairati.

The 16th century is reminiscent whenever you enter the vast structure. Fort Jesus preserves the history of the Portuguese, British, and Arabs. Some of the things you will see inside are the ruined building, weapons and museum. However, there is a little fee you pay to the National Museums of Kenya at the entrance.

Ruins of the historic Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa Marine Park

How does it feel watching the sea below and seeing the beautiful Marine life? Here is the place everyone wishes to come and view. Marine park has exotic sea creatures, and it is near Bamburi beach.

Diving and snorkelling are some of the activities offered. You can access the park from any of the north coast beaches.


Coastal part pf Mombasa town, Kenya

The Mombasa beaches rank among top tourist attractions. You always like to feel the experience of seeing the beautiful waters of Indian Ocean. Realizing on the white sandy beaches and participating in numerous activities along the beach is remarkable.

There are a variety of beaches to visit located both on North coast or South coast. The South coast is accessible via ferries that offer an experience to remember.

Haller Park

Are you a nature lover? Haller is the place to visit. The park is located just ten kilometres from CBD. It is the best thanks to Dr. Rene Haller, who transformed abandoned limestone quarry into a place with a variety of trees, wildlife park, different bird species and cycling park.

The park is famous for picnics; many tourists come to view zebras, giraffes, waterbucks, hippos, and buffalo. There is a variety of transportation around the area and security.

Mamba Village Centre

The village centre is the most important crocodile farm in East Africa. You can learn about life cycle and behaviour of these fascinating creatures.

Their other services offered such as horse riding and botanical garden of the aquarium. Tourist likes to see the crocodile feed and fight for tasty morsels.

Hotels in Mombasa

Accommodation and Places to Eat

Beautiful tropical coast of Mombasa in Kenya

Like saving money or having the best housing for the family? Mombasa has numerous places with proficient services. Some of the best places include Kenya Bay Hotel, Voyager Beach Hotel, Severin Sea Lodge, Creekside Hotel, Sorova Whitesands Beach Resort, Reef Hotel and Serena Beach Resort. The above examples have got their services online inclusive of reviews. You will experience affordable rates and good availability to the physical locations.


If you like to have drinks after a long day, then the city has a variety of hot clubs. Below are some of the best in town.

Gastro Club

The club is situated in Mtwapa; it is one of the iconic places to be while at Mombasa. The area has been in operation for two years now. What makes it so unique? The club has many hotels within its premises; it has a swimming pool, a VIP lounge, a restaurant and party joint.


The club in comparison with the rest is more exclusive, mature clientele, meals, and it has refreshment. Tapas offers quality service with over one hundred cocktails from around the world. There is a colourful bar that is glass covered.

The lounge

Situated at a city mall, the club has enormous space and one of the best in Mombasa. The seats have been made available under canopies, ample parking place, and nightlife renaissance.

La Follia

The club is well known for DJ rocking the crowd, well decorated and its Italian-theme. The management has concentrated and successfully introduced a spinmaster. It is the ideal place for nightlife in Mombasa.


African coastline near Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa and the entire coast is so blessed to have many unusual places and sites to visit. The above information focuses on the available means of transport, best places to visit, accommodation and best entertainment destinations.

For so many years now, this city surrounded by the Indian Ocean has always attracted tourist. The reasons for the consistency visit from individuals all over the world speaks for itself. The moment you visit it is hard to leave but still visiting many times is another good option.

If you are heading to Mombasa check out our guides to Kenya and see what else this wonderful country has to offer. For the best deals on Hotels and Flights check out

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