Best Campsites in New Zealand

If there are a lot of places in a country that deserves to be visited but confused you which should start first to visit, definitely the country is New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the countries that offer many unusual and interesting place to  be explored. There are many available things to do. The one of the thing that you can do if you have a plan to visit New Zealand is a camp.  

Camp in New Zealand becomes popular activity because it offers green landscape, clean environment, and fresh air.  It is the country that is included in the category of the top ten cleanest countries in the world. These are why, for the commitment  of environment cleanliness, illegal dumping waste can result in hefty fines. The country offers many campsites and forbids to do camp outside of the campsite points.     

There are many facilities that offered for the camper. Here so me categories of the camp that be allowed in New Zealand.

Camp A Tent

For the camp category, you are not allowed to park your vehicle on or near the campsites. You only get permitssion  to stay overnight in a tent, not on the vehicle.  The offense can get result fined.

Stay overnight in a tent is a fun and there are many campsites for this.  The best one is Urupukapuka Bay Camping Ground. It is located on Urupukapuka Island. This  is one of the three campsites in Urupukapuka Island. 

The Urupukapuka Island is the special island that has significant historical and cultural importance, with well-preserved archaeological remnants of early Maori settlement. To get access to this campsite, bookings are required all year.  

Standard facilities in the Urupukapuka Island that can get are powered sites and shower, with medium cost NZ$11 to NZ$20. Pets such as dog are not allowed here. And the access to get there, only boat access only. 

Awesome landscape, amazing beach, quiet please and clean are offered of this campsite. The walking activities to make discover the island is accessible by a lot of trails. 

For the other favorite quiet place that  only available for camp in a tent is Home Bay, Motutapu (Island) Camping Ground. It is offered the basic facility with low cost (NZ$1 to NZ$10).

Other campsites that have to try if you love quiet place and more challenge place with more walking chance is Tamaki West Campsite. It is 200 meters far away from the road end car park. 

Tamaki West Campsite has the superb view of clearing forest and the clean river is welcoming for the camper. No cost and booking are required to enjoy this campsite. Child and young child are safe for this campsite. No available powered site. It is conversation area that isolated and no wifi available.    

On Vehicle

Do traveling around the New Zealand by vehicle are the one of option that we can try. New Zealand offers many green landscapes that can fresh mind. The recommended campsite  on vehicle one is Te Kauwhata Domain Overnight Campervan Parking. Freedom camping is allowed in this campsite and no cost that to be paid. Unpowered sites and no booking required for this campsite. Only permitted to stay in three nights duration. It is the best one, there are many other campsites on the vehicle that can be explored. 


Stay overnight in the vehicle or a tent is the best activity that we can do if visit New Zealand. Fresh and clean air are offered. It is the reasons why they have strict rules for the traveler or tourist.   

For to do camp with a tent or on the vehicle, there are many available campsites that offered one, only in a tent or on the vehicle or both of them. To stay overnight in the vehicle and a tent, Athenree Hot Springs & Holiday Park is the best one of tent camp and vehicle categories of the campsite that recommended. This is the campsite type of camping grounds or holiday park. It is ideal for family camper. Many facilities are offered by, such as thermal mineral pools and park. Booking for this campsite is required. Dogs are not allowed. This is premium campsite type that can spend   NZ$21 to NZ$30. 

Another campsite that becomes an opti  on for in a tent and on a vehicle that offered unforgettable moment with clean fresh air and amazing environment and view is TECT All Terrain Park. It is located in Tauranga. Maximum three nights to stay and a tent is allowed within separated area. No cost that has to pay  Overnight Camping Site Cost and access or participation.  

The activities that you can do here are freedom camping, mountain biking, and many outdoor activities. This campsite is safe for children and young children. Dogs may not allow here. This campsite is very we lcoming for children to learn. Access many facilities and activities here may only allow for membership.   

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