Camping in France with own tent 2017 By February 8, 2017

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Phentermine Pills Buy Camping in France with your own tent is pretty easy. It really isn’t much different from camping in the UK. With the weather in France typically but not always warmer than here in the UK, you probably won’t need as high waterproof level on your tent. However, do check before you travel the weather forecast. If you are thinking of purchasing a new tent before you go, do check out our independent guide to the best tents to buy in 2017. To check the weather forecast visit here, your more likely to need suncream than wellies.

Finding a campsite in France: Finding your campsite is just as simple. You can use a number of websites out there which have some wonderful search features to find your ideal site. However, if this is your first camping trip abroad and especially if you have young children, why not book a Eurocamp holiday. They have a wide range of campsites with all the facilities.

They are very similar to a Haven site – you just get better weather. It will take away a lot of the stresses especially for your first foreign camping trip – for a full list of Eurocamp campsites click here.

What else do you need to do:

Now you have booked your campsite, then there are just a few other things to consider that you wouldn’t need to for camping in the UK.

Phentermine Cheap Fedex Delivery Additional items in your car:

Phentermine Pills Buy To drive in France you need certain items in your car, it’s actually against the French law not to have these. There is a wide range of bundles on Amazon from as little as £17.99. To get your Euro travel kit click here.

Book a ferry to get you across: With us being an island, you need to get across to France. There are two main ways Ferry or EuroTunnel. Each has its pros and cons, just a little tip from last year. If you are coming back by Ferry allow and extra hour or two to get to Callas – there sometimes can be road blocks or slow moving vehicles so can take a little longer than planned. Its safe, I never felt in danger at any point.

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Phentermine Cod Get some Euros:  

The British pound isn’t going to help you in France, you need to get some Euro’s and since Brexit last year the value of Pound against the Euro has dropped. With no signs of recovery in the near future and every time May says anything it seems to drop again, it’s probably worth purchasing sooner rather than later. I tend to hedge my bets and buy half now and half just before we go. If it does recover, we will have a bit more spending money than planned, but if it drops we will have more Euro’s than otherwise. While you should shop around, the best place I tend to find is the Post Office., -118.39079264221186 Sat Nav:

Check your sat Nav – has it got European maps, if not it’s highly recommended you get a new sat nav, they can be picked up from Amazon for pretty cheap. They can be picked up for around £40 but will make getting to the campsite a lot easier. I remember as a kid going on a camping holiday to France and my dad taking the “scenic” route, yeah right old man. Me and you both know you were lost and luckily found a road you needed to be on. For a full range of Sat Navs on Amazon click here.


It seems obvious and I was unsure whether to include it in the list or not, but you need an indate passport to travel from the UK to France. You have been reminded so no blaming us if you forget. Holiday insurance/car insurance:

This is the one thing most people forget about, and you may already be covered, but this article on holiday insurance offers some great tips and defiantly worth 5 minutes of your time to read it. It could be the difference between having a great holiday to remember and having loads of bills to pay.

What about camping in France with your dog?

This is a little more complicated that going camping in the UK. To take your dog from the UK to France your dog needs to be microchipped, but as this is now a requirement of all dog owners in the UK to be microchipped we will assume your dog is chipped. Then all you need is Pet passport, this isn’t something you ask your 5-year-old to draw for you, it’s a serious government passport issued by a vet. Full details can be found on the government website. The passport lasts for 4 months if you have any detailed questions and you can’t find the answer on the government website, speak with your vet, they will more than likely know the details.

So while its a little more complicated taking your dog camping to France, it’s fairly easy to resolve. Also, check with the ferry company that dogs are allowed – you may need to also pay for the dog.

We have a wide range of camping articles which are worth a read as well as a whole section on travelling around France.

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