Best Campsites which are Dog Free 2018

By March 7, 2018

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Going camping for is good for your health and getting away is great. Actually, once you have bought all your camping equipment it is a fairly cheap break as you just need to pay for the site fees and food.

In this series, we are looking at Britain best campsites to visit in 2018. This article is looking specifically at the best campsites which are dog free. There are a number of reasons why you might want a dog free holiday including, allergic, frightened of them from a past experience or your just not a dog person. Whatever the reason it’s fine, there are many great campsites out there which specially cater to campers who don’t want dogs on site.


If however you have a four-legged friend and couldn’t image going on holiday without him, don’t worry we have covered the best campsites in the UK which allow dogs. An alternative we have the best campsites for adult only if you really want to get away and relax.


  • Duloch Hamlet Fife Near Edinburgh – Fife

  • Swallowholme Camping & Caravan Park – Derbyshire

  • The Secret Campsite – East Sussex

  • Winner


These are the best three we have visited and would recommend, we visited others and had great experiences these 3 were truly special and in fact, in some way all could easily have won.

Duloch Hamlet Fife Near Edinburgh - Fife

Duloch Hamlet Fife Near Edinburgh Review

The first thing the site has going for it is it’s back to basic style site. We actually stayed on the site in late 2016, but really wanted to include it as loved the site.

The site ran by two very friendly people and are great to chat with, but when we say its a back to basic style site it truly is. No real running water, no showers, the toilet is a compost toilet if this is your type of experience you will love it.

The site allows campfires and sitting around on an evening, relaxing with the family is a truly amazing experience and because of the back to basics element with no wifi, no electricity, it kind of made us spend more time with each other.

In fact, we vowed to do at least one back to basic type site every year just so we get to spend some true family time together.

You can tell the owners care about the environment and going back to basic, everything on site is made from hand and using recycled wood. Some of the things they have made is just wonderful. I remember making an entrance to a scout camp about 20 years ago and was impressed with what we had built, but nothing compares to what the have done.

If like my wife you need a shower after a few days of being ‘dirty’ there is a sports centre up the road where you can get a shower for a small fee.

I made the kids have a shower before setting back off home, after 3 days of being camping, exploring, having fun they kind of smell a little and I didn’t want my car smelling all the way home.

This is an amazing site and a must visit if you love back to basics type of camping, if you prefer a few home comforts I would probably give this site a miss.

Since posting this the owners have been in touch saying they are not advertising for new customers in 2018, so please don’t try and book here – which is a shame as it was a great site.

Swallowholme Camping & Caravan Park Review

Located on the edge of the village of Bamford in the Hope Valley. This is an amazing site in the Peak District. I love the Peaks and this site offers a great base to explore it further.

The family-run site is amazing with some great facilities and is kept very clean. Yes, there is train which can put some people off – but it just adds to the site in my opinion and it has its own little charm.

The site is located next to a river and the site even has its own ducks that wander around.

There are a few local shops nearby which are handy if you forget something, I think the local garage is 24 hours a day.   

If you like to walk or hike, this is a must visit campsite – the site offers plenty of decent walks for all abilities and what’s great if your unsure ask the owners they are more than willing to offer some advice.

One of the advantages of this site being so close to the train line is the station is just over the road. Meaning you can arrive by train and not have to worry about driving. I visited this site alone and its how I arrived, taking the stress out of the travel meant I got to start my weekend break early than planned.  Plus if you fancy a day trip into either Sheffield or Manchester this is easily done as that’s the route of the train.

I am tempted to go back with the family, my youngest boy is train mad, so I can imagine him sitting there loving watching the trains pass by, plus when I was out walking saw a decent playground just up the road to keep the older boy entertained.

There are plenty of pubs within walking distance to get either something to eat or a drink or two.

Loved the site – would go back again and this time take the family so they can enjoy it.

Duloch Hamlet Fife Near Edinburgh - Fife

The Secret Campsite Review

This is a small tent only campsite and feels like your camping more in a forest than a campsite. There is plenty of wildlife all around you waiting to be spotted.

They have a strict 10 pm curfew which was fine for us as we were camping with the kids, and the owners said its to help with the local wildlife.

While the facilities might be few, they are far from basic and are kept very clean, but most importantly they allow campfires, plus with virtually zero light, the night skies are crystal clear, the only downside was it was only just getting dark around 11 pm so would love to visit in spring to get the full benefit.

You can sit around the fire all night, listening to different animals as you hear the crack of wood burning. It’s nights like this that I hope the kids remember in years to come.

Each space has been thought out and has planted trees and shrubs offering privacy and a great view.

The site doesn’t allow dogs or cars onto the site and in Tims words “make it more child-friendly”. They do offer you help and a barrow to take your gear down to the pitch, but because there are no cars, there aren’t massive roads near every pitch spoiling the ground.

There is a fridge you can use to keep your food cool and a very decent size washing up space.

This is a gem of a site located in East Sussex, and really does live up to its name of a Hidden Campsite, you really do feel back to nature.


Picking a winner was difficult they were all great. I would love to get back to Duloch Hamlet as it’s been nearly 18 months since I visited, but my favourite defiantly has to be Swallowholme Camping and Caravan Park and I am so excited to return in 2018, but this time with the kids and watching my youngest boys face light when the trains past by.

This is part of our series looking at the Uk best campsite. While Swallowholme Camping & Caravan Park might have won this category, why not check out the other winners including the best campsite for young kids or best campsite in the Lake District.

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