Best Campsites in the Lake District 2018

By March 7, 2018

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The Lake District has to be one of the most beautiful spots in the whole of the UK. From the sweeping hills to the stunning lake and the awesome mountains to climb, there is something for everyone.

I don’t live too far from the lakes – a few hours drive so it’s probably in my number 1 area for Camping.

Choosing the best sites was quite difficult, there are so many to pick from and I haven’t stayed at them all, actually, there is that many I would be surprised if I have stayed at half of them. I tried doing some research into the total number of campsites but I couldn’t get accurate data.


The six winners are:

  • Green Acres Caravan Park

  • Fisherground Campsite

  • Kestrel Lodge Campsite

  • Waterside House Campsite

  • Lakeland Leisure Park


There is no particular order to the 4 runners up, they are all equally as good in their own way, and the winner is at the end.

Green Acres Caravan Park

Green Acres Caravan Park

Firstly let me just say this site is lovely and clean, but the best thing about the website is the relaxed feel to it and this all stems from the owner. What a lovely lady she is which manages the site.

Some sites I’ve stayed on, want to pay before you even pitch, not here. ‘Get your tent pitched and come back and sort out payment” and that was just the start of the friendliness and relaxation on offer.


With the site just for adults, it adds to the relaxation feel (I know I shouldn’t say this as a father, but kids sometimes can make a camping experience a little bit more stressful – don’t get me wrong I love taking my boys camping, but sometimes kids can make it hard work).


The site has all the basic facilities you need as well as WiFi.

Whether you class Carlisle as part of the “lake district” or not this site is a must visit, even if you just use it as an overnight stay on your way up to Scotland.

If you want to explore “Hadrian’s Wall” this site has to be the choice – perfectly located to give you easy access to the wall as well as all the great points mentioned above.

If you’re a dog owner, don’t worry this site has an amazing dog walking space (not that I used it, but the old couple next to us rated it very much and used it twice a day to take their dog for a walk).

How I would sum up this site is simple – once you have been, you will definitely return. What more of a compliment could I give this site?


Fisherground Campsite Review


What a weekend we had at this beautiful site, the kids loved it too – there are loads for them to see and do. From the playground to building fires with daddy (They allow campfires – the pitch had a fire pit and you can purchase wood from them, the wardens even cleaned it the next morning for you). The kids can even do rafting on the lake, we watched other kids having a go – but we had a busy weekend so we didn’t have a chance to let ours have a go – maybe next time.


The owners are super helpful and actually ask you the type of pitches you want and try and accommodate you, I really wanted a campfire, and they found me the perfect pitch.

The campsite itself is located with hill views all around you – offering[ you spectacular views (if you get the weather – but let’s be honest you’re going to the Lake District, chances of rain are high, but when the sun comes out – wow the views are breathtaking.

Along the back of the site is a miniature steam railway with it owns stop, allowing you to jump onto the train and explore the region further without using your own vehicle. Plus the kids loved going on a steam train – something different for them.

They have a very strict noise curfew – 10:30 and they stick to it. It’s great to be guaranteed a good night’s sleep and at least they stick to the curfew – some sites have one but don’t bother to enforce it.

A bonus for any campsite is a decent pub, which does decent food and while the pub may not be on site, it’s about a mile away, a steady 10-minute walk to the King George IV pub and it’s well worth the walk (or drive). Great food, proper portion sizes and great price. To feed all four of us and have a drink each cost us about £40. Which I don’t think is too bad, plus the food is well worth it.

If you want a great base Eskdale and the surrounding areas this is a great place to base yourself.

Kestrel Lodge Campsite

Kestrel Lodge Campsite Review

This campsite is another campsite which allows campfires and I am a big fan of campfires – it just feels more like camping to me. This campsite is a very well run campsite located in beautiful surroundings.

The campsite is only open for 6 months of the year and only accepts tent but this kind of makes it special, It only has 30 pitches and there is a decent space between the pitches allowing you some privacy to enjoy your stay.

While it did not have a specific children’s playground – it had what kids (or my kids anyway) prefer the most – woods to play in on the edge of the campsite, we were able to climb trees. Plus there is a great big field for the kids to run around and burn off some energy.

The site while has basic facilities they are more than adequate and are kept very very cleaned, no matter the weather. Even though the owners seem to be busy they are always super helpful – there are lots of great little hikes you can do and they are more than willing to offer to advise, share their favourite reviews.

Again the site has a strictish 10 pm quiet curfew, but are fairly relaxed. Yes they ask you to be quiet and I tend to be at this time anyway as we have kids and they are in bed, but it doesn’t mean you have to be in bed asleep by 10, we sat around the fire enjoying the night time views, talking very quietly disturbing nobody. Just be

It’s another site that really is a must visit – a truly mind-blowing campsite – the views are incredible, but its the Lake District most of the views are amazing.

I was tempted not to post this site – it’s not that the site isn’t great – it’s just not that popular and it’s a little hidden gem.

Waterside House Campsite

Waterside House Campsite Review

Located in the beautiful area of the Lake District that is known as Ullswater this is an amazing campsite which has loads on offer.

The site also has two fields, a child field and an adult field (nope that doesn’t mean you get to leave your kids in one field while you relax, I said it was a great campsite, not a perfect campsite) but it does mean those without kids can have a relaxing stay and those with kids don’t have to worry as much about upsetting the adult campers. Everyone’s happy. I think more campsites should offer this where possible.

This is another campsite which allows campfires – it seems just about every campsite I have visited in the Lake district allows campfires, just a shame every campsite doesn’t allow them.

What really makes this campsite extra special is the lake – technically speaking it’s not a lake. In fact, there is only one lake in the Lake District. Only Bassenthwaite Lake near Keswick is an actual lake, the other body of waters are meres and tarns, but even still unzipping your tent first thing on a sunny morning and you see the lake glistening as the sun rising is a wonderful sight.

As well as stunning views of the water the hillside surrounding the campsite are stunning, make sure you have got your camera with you as they are breathtaking.

The nearby town of Pooley Bridge is close by, in fact, it’s just a short walk from the campsite allowing you to leave your car back at the tent and explore on foot. It takes about 10 – 15 minutes to stroll into Pooley Bridge.

The onsite cafe looked very good, we never tried it, I love to cook my own breakfast – nothing beat standing around the camping stove and cooking a full English, wethers it’s raining or sunny I always cook when camping.

I was told but didn’t try it that there is also wifi in the cafe. There is a well-stocked shop on site which has all the basic camping essentials as well as a few other items. Again while we had a quick look in, we only stayed for the weekend and took everything we needed with us.

Lakeland Leisure Park

Lakeland Leisure Park Review

Another beautiful park within the Lake District – with this being a Haven site it has everything you would expect from a Haven site – set in a stunning countryside.

We went in the quieter season which while you aren’t guaranteed the weather, in my opinion, is the best time to visit Haven sites. You get all the perks without all the queues and other holidaymakers.

Evening entertainment has changed over the years and now feels like it’s less for the very young kids and more for 5-9-year-olds, which is fine. I just wish they had kept some of the things I loved.

We actually used the site as more of a base to explore the Lake District, so in that sense while we paid a lot for a campsite, but at least it gave some entertainment in the evening for the kids.

It has the swimming pool, which is a bit basic and could do with a bit of a revamp but you’re in the middle of the Lake District – its still a wonderful site with lots to offer.

Overall Winner

Actually picking a winner is quite hard I loved staying at all the sites. My personal recommendation would be if you had the time stay at all the sites for a few nights and spend a fortnight in the lake district exploring what it has to offer. They all offer a different insight into the Lakes.

Actually my difficulty is not returning to these sites in 2018 – obviously, I try and visit as many as possible but these all stood out for one reason or another.

But if you can only stay one, Kestrel Lodge definitely stands out as my favourite, we had an amazing time here and sat around the campfire I had some great fun with the kids.

There were another two campsites I visited in the Lakes, which could easily have made the list, narrowing it down was quite difficult in itself. If you have never been to the Lake District – then I would say you have to visit in 2018 – it has everything you want from a trip and more, plus the scenery is just some of the best we have in the UK.


This is part of our series looking at the best campsites in the UK if you want to explore somewhere different then check out the other winners.

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