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By February 19, 2017

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So have decided you want to go camping in France in 2017, whether that’s  because you read camping is good for your health or you read our article all about Camping in France in 2017 with your own tent or you just fancied a chance of scenery from camping in the UK then France is a great place to visit.

With France being twice the size of the UK, there are plenty of places to visit and see, whether that the history in Normandy, the Alps in the Southeast or sunshine on the south coast, there is plenty to see and do in France.

There are thousands of campsites in France and picking the best campsite is pretty difficult and everyone needs are different so we have category winners as well as an overall.


Sainte Claire

Best for Family:

When we was analysing the different options, but if you have young kids a long drive isn’t always fun, actually a short drive can be painful, so the reason why we picked this site as well as being great for the family is that its only about an hour and half from Calais, which means you can be at the campsite quicker having fun, plus if this is your first trip camping on the mainland Europe you won’t have to worry about a long drive.

The winner is Camping Sainte Claire in Normandy, with all the usual features you would expect from a child-friendly site, with a nice little playground for the kids to play on as well as a nice brewery to enjoy a nice drink and a bite to eat if you don’t fancy cooking. You can take a leisurely stroll into town and explore the local area, but apart from that, you will need your car to go off and explore further a field.

You don’t need to worry about taking too much food with you as the supermarket is less than 5 minutes drive away and has everything you need, plus it sells cheap fuel. The owners of the site don’t speak much English but enough to get by but they do care and look after this site. It was immaculate during out stay.

The biggest downside to this site is the river which runs through it, while this does make it picturesque if you have very young children it should be something to consider, there was a fence which adds as a barrier and from what I could make out went all along, but rivers can be dangerous.

Due to being so close to Calais a lot of people I know have used it as a stopover site, especially those in caravans. Get across the water and rest up before exploring more of France.

For more information on this site, please visit their website.

Disneyland amusement park entrance in Paris, France.

Best Near Disneyland Paris:

Disneyland is a wonderful experience and one you should take your kids to, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your camping trip – combine the two. There are in fact several campsites near the theme park, so plenty to chose from. Our favourite is Paris-Est-Champigny. It’s just 30 minutes from the parks meaning you will be spending less time on the road and more in time on the rides and less than 10 miles from Paris.

As its a Eurocamp site you know it’s ideal for the family with all their child-friendly facilities and activities – so if the young ones aren’t tired out from the parks, the campsite will tire them all out.

If like me your going to do some research online, please ignore all reviews prior to 2012. The site changed ownership in 2012 and has changed massively since. I was tempted not to visit because of these older views until I realised the ownership had changed, but while we are talking about reviews. My rule is I put more relevance to newer reviews as sites change over time and management and upgrades happen. Still useful to look at older reviews as they sometimes contain useful info.

Found more details about the campsite and for the best deals click here

Kawan Village Camping Lac D Orient

Best for taking your Dog:

I know you couldn’t even think of going on holiday and leaving your dog at home, well don’t worry we have found what we think is the best campsite in France to take you dog to. Before we get discussing the campsite, if you have never taken your dog abroad before then please read this which is a helpful guide to taking your dog to France.

So know your dog is allowed into France lets take him to the best campsite. The campsite is called, Kawan Village Camping Lac D Orient and is located in Champagne-Ardenne region near the Belgium border.

While the campsite is great for your dog, its a great campsite for the whole family. It has both an indoor and outdoor pool as well as a kids playground, but the important thing is it allows you to take your dog. The lake on the site is stunning and great to take the dog around as well as the beach, who doesn’t like to wake up and take the dog for a walk along the beach. There is also a wooded area opposite the site

The site took me around 6 hours to get to from Calais so it’s a bit of a drive, but easily doable once you land in France.

Bois Soleil

Best campsite in France by the sea:

With all the warm weather that France has to offer, camping by the sea can be an experience. This was a difficult choice but after much discussion in the office – but the winner is Bois Soleil. Located on the southwestern coast this site has everything you ever want.

The site opens on the 1st April and stays open till mid-October each year. The site itself is split into three separate sections holding 165 service pitches as well as space for tents. The La Mer section has direct access to the beach, whereas Les Pins is more attractive with bushes and shrubs surrounding each pitched and the final section is La Foret is for caravan holidays. Make sure you pre-book especially during the summer as this site gets full very quickly – but well worth visiting if you get the opportunity.

The site has all the features you can think of and even has disability facilities as well as allowing dogs. The site even has kids clubs for kids aged between  5 and 10, allowing you to get a break for a few hours while the kids try out new activities.

Le Champ Du Moulin

Best Campsite in France:

Like in the UK there are thousands of campsites, so picking a winner was pretty difficult as I haven’t visited every site in the country, but everyone I have spoken to said this is one of the best campsites, not just in France but in Europe. The site is located in located in the French Alps and has some stunning scenery. The site is called Le Champ Du Moulin. It’s opened during the winter months for caravans for those who want to go skiing but during the summer season, it’s open to campers as well, who want to go hiking.

The site is perfectly situated for hiking, whether than be small family friendly hikes or more advanced trials for the more experienced hikers.

For more information on the site, you can visit their website.

As well as having some absolutely amazing scenery the site also has all the facilities you need for a perfect break, including kids play park, restaurant on site as well as a shop for all those essentials you have forgotten to pack.

If adventure is something you are after, located just up the road is Intégral Rafting. They offer several types of rafting experiences from the more traditional to Hydrospeed and if you haven’t ever tried this its a must. It’s a brilliant, adrenaline filled experience.


If you don’t think France is right for you in 2017, why not check out the UK best campsites for something a bit closer to home.

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