Bear Grylls 10 Most Amazing Experiences in Britain

By March 6, 2017

I often write about great places to travel to and experiences to do. Most of the time I end up writing about places outside of the UK, but our unique island has some amazing places to visit and is quite diverse, from the sandy beaches of Cornwall to the snow top mountain of the highlands and everything in between.

Sometimes trying something new doesn’t have to be mean travelling to another side of the planet and Bear Grylls agrees with us.

He is probably best known for his survival shows which take him all around the world, but he can also be found exploring on our doorstep in the British Isles.

He teamed up with VisitBrtain to support their campaign “Home of Amazing Moments” which is promoting the incredible experiences available to you on your own doorstep.

“We truly live in the most beautiful country… spectacular and always beautiful,” Bear said. “And it’s where I learnt so many of the skills I use on adventures around the world. I hope you enjoy this home that I am so proud of and share your amazing adventures in Britain using #OMGB.”

Here are Bear’s top 10 most amazing experiences in Britain:

Climbing Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highland

Ben Nevis in winter

Bear said: I’ve spent much time here, scaling the highest mountain in Britain, and it’s where my dad learnt to climb!

I have to agree with him, Ben Nevis is one of my favourite mountains to climb in the whole of the UK and if you’re looking for somewhere to stay check out our favourite campsite in the whole of the UK – it’s located at the foot of Ben Nevis so you can wake up to some amazing views and be one of the first onto the mountain.

Paragliding around the Sugar Loaf Peak in the Black Mountains – Wales

Medieval Highway - Black Mountains Wales UK. An ancient track way or hollow that was once a highway to horses and carts now part of a bridleway known as the Three Rivers Ride.

Bear describes this as, “One of my favourite things has to be flying around in my powered paraglider, riding the winds and soaring through the mountains near my Welsh home”. 

Reaching the Summit of Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons National Park – Wales

Pen Y Fan Summit

“The views from the highest summit in south Wales are so impressive and I love the little lake under the north face, half way up the mountain.” – I would have to agree, while I have done Snowdonia it’s too more of a tourist hotspot, there is a cafe at the top with a train to take you all the way up. I remember scrambling up it a few years ago and got to the top to see a guy in a neck brace – kind of dampened my spirits, but Pen Y Fan, while isn’t deserted, doesn’t get half as many tourists.

Enjoying the Isolation of Ben Loyal in the Scottish Highlands

A snow capped Ben Loyal reflected across Lochan Hakel at dawn. Sutherland, Northwest Scotland.

“This is my favourite mountain in Britain, on the north coast of Scotland, and where I met my wife Shara!”

This isn’t one I have climbed so will have to take Bears word on it but will make sure next time I am up in the Highlands to make sure I reach the summit.

Climbing and Caving at Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales – England

Malham Cove in Malhamdale is a popular tourist attraction of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

“The Yorkshire Dales are amazing and have been shaped by some fierce forces of nature, including this inspiring limestone formation that you can get inside… and up on top of!” and I spent quite a lot of my childhood with the scouts caving around this area, I spent many an hour admiring the beauty of the landscapes


The views of Skiddaw in the Lake District National Park – England

Pink morning skies over Skiddaw

“This is the first mountain I climbed with my wife Shara. It’s one of the largest fells in the Lake District and the walk up from Keswick has superb vistas.”

The Lake District in itself is a beautiful place, it wasn’t that long ago people moaned about it and complained god must have been angry when he got up to Cumbria, its beauty was lost on people who worked all their lives and then died, it wasnt till the turn of the 19th century when poeple had more free time on their hands and could truely start to apprcaite its beauty.

Exploring the Llyn Peninsula Coastal Path – Wales

Criccieth Castle at sunset. Medieval castle on the Llyn peninsula, North Wales, UK

“Chilling in Wales, lying in the long grass, with Shara and our three boys beside me – this is when I am happiest. The rest of our year is so busy, so we tend to holiday just us as a family on our small island hideaway in Wales, where we have limited communication and no mains power or water. This nearby coastal walk, also known as the Edge of Wales Walk, is spectacular.”


Sea Cliff Climbing at Culver Downs – Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight coast view towards Shanklin and Sandown from Culver Down in panorama

“I used to run up to Yarborough Monument here when I was training for the military, and some of my earliest, fondest memories are of making boats and learning to climb with my dad on the sea cliffs. These were the foundation stones for all my love for adventure, and that closeness with him.” – while this can be exciting I would make sure your with a more experienced group if it’s your first time. Cliff climbing does have quite a few risks involved and check with tide times and let people know where you are.


Snowdon by foot – not train. Snowdonia – Wales

View from Mount Snowdon, Wales, UK

“Adventure is at the heart of what we love as a family and hiking in stunning Snowdonia is a favourite. We also have a few of our Survival Academies nearby.” As we discussed earlier Snowdon is a great mountain to climb, but please walk up to it and not take the train. The train for one is quite expensive, while it can be full of tourists, if you camp nearby and get up earlier enough you can reach the summit before many of these arrive.


Scrambling in the Cuillin Mountains on the Isle of Skye – Scotland

Walk along the foot of the Black Cuilin, Isle of Skye, Scotland

“These rocky mountains – where I guided Hollywood actor Ben Stiller for my TV show Bear’s Wild Weekends – are widely considered the most challenging and rugged terrain in Britain.” This is one of the Islands that lay around Britain that has always been on my to visit list. I was hoping to make the journey in 2017 – but with ultra marathon training it’s not likely. I would want to go on a proper hike across the island and this could cause me an injury and hurt my chances of completing my first Ultra, so it will have to wait till 2018.

That is Bear Grylls 10 favourite places to explore in Britain, where are yours. The good thing about these is that they are spread across all the corners of Great Britain, meaning you should be able to experience at least one without having to venture too far.

The one that does surprise me that he missed off is climbing Scafell Pike in the Lake District, Englands highest mountain, this mountain has some stunning views when you reach the summit.


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