Traveling to Bruce Lee Paradise Park

Traveling to Bruce Lee Paradise Park

Bruce Lee is one of the most revered martial artists of all time. That said, it’s not surprising to see that China have built a massive theme park in his honour. Situated in Lee’s hometown in Foshan, Guangdong – the birthplace of Chinese martial arts – the Bruce Lee Paradise Park is a one-stop tourism theme park that celebrates Lee’s life, martial arts, and major events involving his works in the world of cinema.

The theme park covers about 3,000 acres of lush vegetation, which is home to thousands of egrets as well as other species of animals. The park is surrounded by lakes, trees, and the crisp air coming from the mountains, making it the perfect place to not only appreciate the life and legacy of Lee but also to meditate and practice martial arts.

In addition to the scenic natural landscapes, the park houses the Bruce Lee Commemorative Museum, Li Yaxin Art Museum, Cao Chong’en Sculpture Gallery, an ecological farm, fish ponds, and other scenic spots where guests can relax the body and mind.

Of course, the park wouldn’t be complete without a statue of The Dragon himself. The park boasts the biggest statue ever made in homage to Bruce Lee, which stands at about 20 metres. It is said that the statue costs about 2 million Chinese Yuan or £235,000, and took about two years to build. The bronze statue is one of the masterpieces of Cao Chonggen, who is one of the world’s most renowned sculptors. The title “King of Kung Fu” is carved on the statue’s foundation, along with a summary of Lee’s life.

Lee’s unfortunate demise remains shrouded in mystery. Official accounts say that he died after taking pain medication, while others say he was murdered. But whatever the reason was for his untimely death, Lee is no doubt a legend who revolutionised Chinese Kung Fu on the big screen.

Even after Lee’s death, his story still lives on in the form of movies and video games. The documentary Bruce Lee: A Warrior’s Journey is one of the most critically-acclaimed works of his life featuring a rare shot from Game of Death, which was the last project he worked on before his death.

In terms of video games, his martial arts style is often used in arcade titles such as Street Fighter and Tekken. Casual games also carry his image and likeness, which are portrayed in the slots title Bruce Lee, a pay-to-play game featured on Slingo Slots. Lee’s legacy will most probably live on forever given his influence and appeal to the masses in China and beyond.

So, if you’re planning to go to Foshan, there are direct flights from the UK to Foshan province. To get to Bruce Lee Paradise in Foshan, you may take Bus Routes 393, 394, 39, and 399 to Bruce Lee Paradise Stop and then walk from there.

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