Benefits Of Travelling Around India

India is a great place to visit. Apart from being an amazing country, travelling around India can provide some incredible experiences which will stay with you for a lifetime. For many in the west their impression of India from afar is of a dirty, overwhelming, and crazy country, but, once experienced, it will change your life.

India is a vast country with varying climates, vegetation, cultures, and topography.  It is the seventh largest country in the world, which means you’ll have plenty of places to see as you travel around this fascinating nation. Need to be convinced?  Here are some compelling reasons to visit India this year.

Budget Friendly

Whether you have a good or an average budget, India is accessible to all. You can easily find a luxurious hotel room for as low as 3000 INR, which equals only $45 per night. There are some cheaper rooms available as well. The cost of travelling is also economical. You can rent a car of your own, or pay for a taxi fare to travel around.

Enjoy A Slow Pace

The lower costs in India means you can plan an extended stay. You don’t have to rush through the destinations or follow any itinerary. Just enjoy the country any way you want, stay as long as you wish, and take your time seeing this incredible country.

Enjoy Local Luxury

Being a foreign visitor has its own benefits. For the locals, paying for luxurious services is expensive, but for foreigners, it’s quite cheap. If you haven’t paid for a luxurious stay at a 5-star hotel before, then India is the place where you can do so easily. There are tons of hotels offering luxurious accommodation and service at very low prices compared to those in the west.

Ease of Communication

Although HINDI is the national language of Indians, English is commonly spoken throughout the country. More than 65% of Indians are fluent in English. For non-English speakers the language barrier has always been a hurdle but now ,ore Indians are making efforts to learn other languages like Spanish and French. Many tourist guides in India also communicate in French as well.

Travel Spontaneously and Flexibly

Because the budget is not a problem, you can be flexible with your plans. India is not a place where you have to calculate every penny you spend, be as spontaneous as you like.

Gain A Fresh Perspective

Many people in India are living in mud huts, and they burn the cow patties to stay warm in winter. You will come across many people who seem to be starving or would have starved at some point in their lives. Their bodies will be weak, backs bent, and have noticeable thin legs. However, they are hard-working and committed to their goals. But this will surely give you a great perspective of what you have compared to millions of people around the world.

Natives Won’t Charge You For Every Little Thing

Well, if you think that you’ll be charged for anything you’ll ask about, then here is the great perk for you. Most of the Indians are happy to help a foreign traveller. For example, you may come across a person who’ll pick up your luggage at the airport on trolleys without even charging you. But you can always offer a small tip as a thank you.

Friendship Goes A Long Way

You shouldn’t be friendly with everybody, but the people of India value friendship. If you attempt to build a cordial association with any person, he will more than happy to help you.  The people of India are warm and hospitable.

Well, that was a brief overview of travelling in India. If you have made up your mind to go and packed your luggage for the journey, then you must try and visit these three places:

Chadar-The Frozen River Trek

Walking on a frozen lake has a mystery all of its own. Chadar is a dreamlike destination in India and is one of the most thrilling adventures you can undertake. This trek connects the villages in the Zanskar valley that are situated deep in the mountains with the frozen Zanskar River. You can pack up your hiking stuff, snowshoes and snow jackets and head towards Chadar.

Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Pangong Lake is an ethereal place of India and is located in Ladakh. Its soul captivating water which is fringed by rugged mountains in between a valley looks amazing. Pangong is simply a magical place to visit and to relish some of the most joyous moments of your life.

Living Root Bridges, Meghalaya

It may seem like something out of the movies, but in India, you really can experience the fantastic living root bridges of Meghalaya.  These natural wonders can have roots longer than 100 feet and are strong enough that they can carry more than fifty people at a time. This beautiful place is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also camp near the bridge or have a small picnic if you come with your friends and family. The water underneath isn’t too deep and it’s a great place for taking some selfies!

As you can see there are many reason to travel to and around India, in fact all that you know need to decide is who are you going with and when.

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