Apparently Australia still isn’t a real country

By January 17, 2018

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Sydney harbor large panorama

Around this time last year, we reported on a new conspiracy theory, while we don’t normally report on these, this one made us particularly laugh. Basically, it said Australia wasn’t a real country.

If I am honest I had completely forgotten about it, until earlier this week when someone sent us a link to this Reddit post which was basically the same theory but in much more detail.

It was posted in a Facebook group, where people believe in the flat earth, again sorry to anyone who believes this then you really need to think it through logically.

That said if they are offering free space flight to these believers to prove the earth is in fact round, then I will say anything for a free flight into space.

Australia not real

Back to the task at hand, Australia is a real country, actually, it’s the 6th largest country in the world and has some of the most amazing places to explore on the planet, including among others the Great Barrier Reef.

Plus New Zealand is pretty close to Australia and while the article says that pilots and actors are used to keeping the lie from being detected it doesn’t once mention anything about New Zealand and all the other island located in the southern hemisphere – either they are all in on this or guess what Australia is real.

Sydney, Australia. Amazing skyline at dusk.

Do you think, someone is wanting a free trip to Australia?

I guess to prove it was a real country, the person would have to fly directly to New Zealand and take a boat?

On a more serious note, what goes through people’s mind when they are thinking of these conspiracy theories.

We won’t be wasting any more time, reporting on this, but some of the comments do make us laugh.

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