Adult only campsites

By January 1, 2017

Camping is a terrific family activity.  There are few better ways to bond with your kids than a holiday under canvas and a campsite where they can expend all their energy on outdoor activities.  But, hordes of screaming kids aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and even parents and grandparents need to take a break from their little darlings sometimes.  Which is why adult only campsites are so popular.

What is an adult only campsite?

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin.  No children allowed.  However, some camps do define ‘adult’ differently.  Generally, only those aged 18 and over are allowed though some lower the minimum age to 14 whilst there may be one or two which actually raise it to 25 for example.  If acne riddled teenagers aren’t your idea of adults it’s best to carefully read the T&Cs of your chosen campsite.

Needless to say adult only campsites are generally quieter and more relaxed than family orientated sites.  Visitors can look forward to a more sedate and peaceful environment while still enjoying all the activities and amenities they would expect to find at any other site.

You don’t have to hate kids

It’s purely optional.  But, while not having to deal with the high-octane chatter of children may be the main attraction for some, most visitors to adult focused campsites will have kids or grandchildren of their own.  Though getting away from the young ones now and again is good for us all.  But, there are plenty of other reasons why you should make a beeline for an adult site.

  • Take the opportunity to do something different. Stay in a yurt, spend a few nights in a shepherds hut, or hire a gypsy caravan.
  • Reawaken the sportsperson in you. Many adults focused sites boast adventure sports, traditional activities such as hiking and cycling, and some are even affiliated to golf courses.
  • Chill out. Seize the chance for some relaxing ‘me’ time. Just you, the great outdoors, and maybe a bottle of wine or two.
  • Don’t bother looking at the calendar. You won’t be a slave to school term times so plan your holiday without worrying whether the kids are at school or not.
  • Catch up with some friends. Relive those carefree pre-wedding, pre-children camping trips and enjoy a few cans and bottles, as well as some tall tales, around the camp fire.

There are still rules

Just because you’re staying on an adult site doesn’t mean you can disrespect the campsite and other campers.  In truth, most people go to these sites for the peace and quiet but sometimes the vino can flow.  When it does keep the noise down and remember other people don’t want to be confronted by boisterous adults behaving like the kids they came to the site to avoid.

Find your site

There is a surprisingly high number of adult only campsites in every country.  Use our search tools and databases to find the ideal site for your next child free holiday.

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