7 campsites to visit with your dog in 2017

By January 22, 2017

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So you’re wanting to go off and explore Britain, take in a camping trip or two, but you have to take the best friend with you – it wouldn’t be the same without the dogs.

So we have done a roundup of our top 7 campsites to visit with your dog in 2017. Number 1 is pretty easy – it made it into our Top campsites to visit in 2017.

However, for the rest, we are going to look at different type of dog-friendly campsites.

If you have never been camping with your dog before you might want to check out our guides to camping with the dogs.

Best campsite to take your dog to your dog to:

dunstan hill campsite

Like I said as this made it into our top campsites to visit, it’s our number one here.

Dunstan Hill Camping and Caravaning Club site in Northumberland. It’s very close to the coast, meaning you can take the dog for a long walk down the beach. There is a campsite with the same name in Wales so make sure if your typing the name into your sat nav you type in the right address, otherwise, you could be hundreds of miles away from where you are meant to be camping.

There are lots of old castles and fortifications nearby making ideal dog walking routes, taking in some of our wonderful histories and enjoying a nice stroll.

Best campsite which allows dogs, but is good for young kids

Erwlon Caravan & Camping Park

You aren’t going to leave the kids at home when you go camping (even though sometimes you wish you could), so why would you leave the dog at home?

Even though there are over 8,000 campsites and caravan parks in the UK, those that allow dogs and is child-friendly narrows your options down, but the winner is based in Wales; actually Carmarthenshire to be more precise. Erwlon Caravan & Camping Park. It has everything you could need for a camping trip and is open all year round.

If your children love to walk, it’s within the foothills of the Brecon Beacons so there are plenty of places to explore, or if biking is more your thing you’re in luck as there are plenty of slopes to test your skills.

Erwlon Caravan & Camping Park play park

However, if you’re more of person who prefers to relax than exploring then this site has bird watching facilities as well and a great river for catching fish, including Welsh Salmon.  But, as you’re here with the kid’s, let’s be honest, you’re never going to get to do anything you would like. But don’t worry as there are plenty of things to keep the kids busy including the usual outdoor playground as well as the Oakwood Theme Park just up the road. What kids don’t like theme parks?

Best campsite for dogs and adults only

new lodge farm

If you want a relaxing weekend away with just you, your partner and the dogs, then having loads of young children screaming and running around can ruin the tranquillity of the campsite. We are not saying that children shouldn’t go camping, actually the complete opposite; we believe all children should experience camping, but sometimes you just want to get away for a relaxing weekend.

There really wasn’t much debate about this winner, it was an easy decision, both the guy in the office who had been in there and also the people we have spoken to gave it glowing reviews.

New Lodge Farm Caravan And Camping Site located in Northamptonshire. The site is fairly new, only opening a few years ago but has all the features you would expect and more, including bar, restaurant and WiFi facilities. The best feature though is the one acre enclosed dog walking area, so you can always stretch your legs and the dogs.

If you are a keen angler – then this is a site for you. It has a man-made lake fed by fresh water with plenty of carp to catch.

Everyone we have spoken to about New Lodge Campsite comes back with the same reviews.

  • Can’t wait to go back,
  • It’s one of our favourite sites
  • Brilliant facilities
  • Tranquil site that is peaceful and relaxing

If you have never been there, from what I have heard you wouldn’t regret going. Actually, you will probably be back again and again. (nope I don’t work for the campsite)



Best campsite for Dogs and campfires

rue hill campsite

Image a warm summer’s evening, you have been on a nice long walk all day with your dog, you have made a wonderful tea and now you fancy a beer to unwind, even better a beer around a campfire. Yep, we agree – campfires are amazing (so long as done safely), so trying to find a site which allows both fires and dogs is the ideal.

There was quite a few to choose from in the list but, after a debate in the office, the guy who has been put in quite a convincing argument and we can see why.

His choice was Rue Hill Campsite in Staffordshire, the site is located just 3 miles from Alton Towers so is great for days out. The site is very basic, it doesn’t have all the facilities you might get on some of the more established campsites, however, the reviews this campsite gets are amazing.

It has 50 pitches for tents in 8 acres of rural England which allows campfires. The rates are fairly good and they are open from March to the end of October.

Best campsite for Dogs next to the beach

ovestrand campsite

Ok, we didn’t want to narrow it down to just campsites which were on the actual beach, that list would have been too small. So we looked at campsites that you can walk to the beach in less than 10 minutes.

Overstrand Campsite in Norfolk is our winner. With its location on the cliff tops of the Norfolk Coast and is just seconds away from a sandy beach, ideal for walking the dog. The site is small, but what it lacks in size makes up for in friendliness and every tent gets a sea view.  What more can you ask for?

The size has all the usual basic features you would expect on a campsite and they don’t have any electric hook-ups – so it’s all proper camping.

They do have some glamping pitches available as well if you fancy a few of the finer things when camping.

The big downside to this campsite, which nearly saw left off this list, is that it’s only open between July and August – but the views and coastal paths swayed it. That’s got to be the summer trip sorted then.

Best campsite for dogs that is great for walks


So here we were looking for good campsites which allow dogs but also offers great walks. As anyone who owns a dog would know, camping with dogs and walking goes together.

Beech Croft Farm in Derbyshire has won it this year. Located in between Buxton and Bakewell, the site is ideal for exploring the Peak District. The peaks offer a great number of walks and trails, whether you are after a short 1 or 2-mile walk or you and your dog want to explore a little further.

Located in a small hamlet, it doesn’t even have a pub or shop, but that kind of makes this place special. It’s just your group, the dog and the hills. I went nearby in January 2017 and the hills were covered in snow.  The site is open all year round to caravan’s but doesn’t allow tents between November and February.

There are lots of nearby attractions meaning you can go for a weekend or week and never get bored.

Best campsite for dogs that allow group bookings


This was a bit difficult and it does depend on the size of the group, but so long as there is less than 8 in your group then we recommend Golden Sands Holiday Park. This Haven site on the Lincolnshire coast is amazing, with a great big field and is next to the beach.

The site comes with all the usual Haven features and facilities, so is great if you have children in your group with daytime and evening entertainment. If you are going away with a group please respect the other campers and holidaymakers.


What’s your favourite campsite to take your dog too? If you have visited any of the above let us know in the comments what you think.

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