About us

Life’s too short – go explore the world.

Experience new cultures, ways of thinking and see some amazing sights.

We are here to help you travel to new places and experience new cultures.

We do the testing, the reviews so you don’t have to.

You get the best gear the first time and save money to explore further.

There are 7 continents on this planet – how many do you want to see and explore. My target has always been 7 and why not. There are some amazing places to see.

I actually want to do 7 marathons in 7 days in 7 continents but that’s fair for another day.

There are over 200 countries and many many islands. Do you really wanna be on your deathbed and say you have only visited 5 or 6.

Neither do i. That’s why I created this site to help you and me travel further.

We will cover:

  • New Gear
  • New hotspots to visit
  • Interesting places to visit
  • General outdoor news

Do we sell products?


Do we have any commercial arrangements with any particular brands?


Why – we want to be open and honest. So if we say a product is good you will trust us. Also, means we can properly review items without having to worry about upsetting any of our partners.


However, sometimes some of the links we use, may allow us to earn a small commission if you purchase the product.

We don’t let this decision determine the review, but it does mean we can keep the site free for you to use.